gameofthingsSometimes it’s the little things that leave lasting impressions of a game. With The Game of Things, it was the smell of the wooden box upon taking off the shrink-wrap. The box is just beautiful, and has a nice, woody smell.

Of course I’m here to talk about the game, not how good the box smells. (Did I mention that it smells really good? It does)


OK, on to the game!

The Game of Things is a party game with a very simple mechanic. A player draws a card with a statement. Some example statements are “THINGS you wouldn’t want to do naked”, and “THINGS you love to eat.” All the other players have to write down a thing, fold up their paper, and hand it to the reader. All the answers get read, and people try and guess who wrote each answer.

That’s pretty much it.

There’s rules in the box on how to eliminate players for people who feel they need to play a game to win, but Patch pretty much knows the audience they’re playing to here.

So how does it play? Quick, and hilarious with the right group of people. It’s the type of party game you can open the box and get people playing in a few minutes. It may not be for everybody, but like I said, Patch knows the type of party game players they’re targeting here

The Game of Things was provided free for review by Patch Products.