Yoron_Island_20080622Do you have a month to kill, can travel to Japan, and have $5? You’re in luck! You can participate in a real-life version of The Game of Life, featuring giant sized replicas of all your favorite pieces. There’ll even be buses to shuttle you around as your playing piece.

Yoron, a remote island in southern Japan, will be hosting the month-long game in hopes of boosting tourism in the wake of three major typhoons last year.

Players will be given fake money, a map of the island, and clues to where they need to go next. The island will be divided into four sections, each with its own board and spinner. While there’s no gigantic prize, the game is setup so all the players can enjoy themselves without worrying about going broke by the end.

The game begins July 19th, and players can join up until it ends on September 20th.

[Source: ABC News]