cclogoThis weekend I’ll be attending Connecticon, the largest Multigenre convention in Connecticut. Today I popped on over for a half day to check out the lay of the land, and see how the convention has changed since my last visit in 2008.

Boy has it grown!

The first year I went, in 2007, the board gaming area was a fairly small room with about 20 people max in there at once. In 2008 they had given the gamers a much bigger space, but we barely put a dent in it.

This year the space for gaming was HUGE, and every inch of it was packed with people playing board games, miniatures games, and CCGs. Lots of people were demoing games. There was even a presence there from Game Salute, Z-Man Games, Steve Jackson Games, and Catalyst Game Labs. There was also a bunch of indie devs there playtesting new games and selling their self published titles.

Not only that, but the lending library was massive, spanning the entire center of the gaming floor. The prize table has an excellent selection of games, miniatures, and CCG cards, all purchased by redeeming tickets you earned for hours playing games.

So far Day 1 has impressed me, and I’ll go more into depth of what I see starting tomorrow.