cclogoI have to admit today was more of a pleasure day than anything else. I took my (almost) 8 year old with me and we spent most of the day playing games. Mostly Say Bye to the Villains, Dungeon Heroes, and Boss Monster. Then I hosted an official WBO Beyblade tournament towards the end of our day. Top it off with some relaxation in the Press Room, and a quick dinner, and we called it a day.

Today the game room was PACKED to the brim. I’d have to say that Connecticon is now an excellent convention for any type of gamer to attend. There wasn’t an empty table, and game from Munchkin to the 18XX series and heavy wargames were being played.

I’ve decided to hold off my indepth coverage of games and companies I saw until tomorrow. I’m beat! Taking a kid to a con is a lot more work than I realized. Add on 14 other kids in a tournament and I’m just beat.