ondayOne Day Games is a one-man, indie game shop. That one man is Jim Courtney, a game designer, artist, writer, and more. Playtesting around 30 prototypes, and carrying around a bucket full of more, Jim is a staple of Connecticon. There hasn’t been a year gone by that he hasn’t set up up shop in the gaming area with his crazy, home made signs advertising his testing. I’ve played a bunch of his prototypes over the years, and they always impress.

This year actually marks One Day Games’ first release, Yo Momma Fight: Concrete Edition. Sold through The Game Crafter, the game has you trying to create 5 “yo momma” jokes from different categories by matching the opening line and the punch line. Special cards let you break the rules a bit, and the game can be combined with the upcoming Blacktop edition to add more jokes and players to the fight!