Following up on their success with Castle Panic, Fireside Games is releasing Dead Panic.



Dead Panic incorporates many of the popular mechanics from Castle Panic to create a tense Zombie themed cooperative game.  This time, survivors must bring in radio pieces to successfully flee the zombie infestation.  And if the survives don’t make it to the cabin, players are going to have to go out and get them.  Just calling in support isn’t enough, you still have to leave the safety (?!?) of the cabin, and get to the Rescuers.

Looking to be a more advanced version of game play, Dead Panic will include new features like players becoming zombies and attempting to run down their former teammates.

Fireside Games will be doing this one the old fashioned way, they are doing it themselves, and I think this is great.  I don’t have to look at $100+ for a copy, and then track every last bump in the road from their house to mine.  Check it out here, and look for it at your FLGS in Septmeber!