Game Bandit - Scouring the net to find the cheapest discount boardgames and best free boardgame prizesThe Winton Capital British Solving Championship (Chess puzzles) has a £1,000 prize, is open to UK residents only, and requires an entry fee of £3.

The Flux Capacity is giving away a prototype of the company’s game currently on Kickstarter, Give it to the King. Really, that’s very generous of them. One they tried to send to me was already lost in the mail.

Mayfair is giving away 20 4-day badges to Gen Con, 2 per day.

Another Bundle of Holding is available. Pay what you want for three RPGs. Get two more if you pay more than the current average.

Avalanche Press’ Summer Sale includes 30% off everything but the very latest releases. Use coupon code “MELISSA” to get the discount.

Geek Eccentric is giving away Dungeon Heroes from Gamelyn Games.

Various board games are on sale for ten bucks at Toys R Us.

TV New Zealand is giving away Hasbro toys and games all week.

Tasty Minstrel Games is selling Village and Il Vecchio, one for $30 or both for $50. That’s 40-55% off.