olegHere’s an interesting project that just popped up on Kickstarter. The Oleg Story: Survival is a character-based minatures board game about surviving life in prison for 2 – 6 players. To win, you must be the last gang standing. The game contains some cooperative elements, but in the end you want to wipe out everyone else.

There’s a whole back story contained on DVD that will come with the game to help set the mood. It tells the story of Oleg, and high profile hacker who gets sent to prison for 2 consecutive life sentences for 2 murders. He refuses to join any gang, and the story continues from here. Latest Pursuit, the publishers, have put out a great guide to the game to give you a more in-depth look at the rules to entice you to fund the project.

Right now the creators have made a little over £1500 of their £25,000 goal in a single day. With 33 days to go, it looks like this one will probably get funded.