Whiskey Jack Gaming releases their new Kickstarter for a party game classic, Beer Pong.

Pong Tactics is a new kickstarter elevating beer pong,  into a fun interpretation of an old classic, with new formations, and a handy grip of action cards.  For those of us well past the age of Beer Pong, and more into the age of drinking craft beers around the table, this game was met with quite a bit of trepidation.  By the time we were done, we were all enjoying ourselves, and reliving some of our own glory days.

The heart of this game is in the stack of cards each team is allowed to add to their hand, and use on their turn.  These cards allow you to change nearly every facet of the game that you may have wished for in the past.  Want to put cups back in the game?  There are cards for that!  Want to change what counts as a hit or a miss?  There are cards for that.  Don’t like players on the other team?  There are cards for that, too!  Videos of actual game play can be found on the Kickstarter page.

Everyone made the same comment “Beer pong?  I haven’t played that in years.”  As soon as the cups were set up, and the rules quickly explained, it didn’t take long for our playgroup to start having a blast. The beer was a more expensive this time around, but the trash talk was straight out of our 19 year old selves, and the cards pulled the teams together.  It wasn’t just getting the ball in the cup, there was actual discussion on how best to use cards, and in what order.  When to play them for tactical advantage, and when to just play them out of spite.  In the end, a bunch of 30-something guys had spent the time laughing at each other, and oursleves.  And it was the “Gotcha!” cards that made the whole experience.

This isn’t something we are going to break out every week, but it is something we will play with out non-gamer friends.  And it is something we will break out after a big, heavy session of A Game of Thrones (if we are still talking to each other,) or Arkham Horror (if we haven’t gone insane.)

If you have a good party game crowd, this game will pay for itself in funny, every time you get it out.  And if you have a group of serious gamers, this game will still be a welcome change of pace from your marathon game sessions.  Go back this Kickstarter.

A prototype of Pong Tactics was provided by Whiskey Jack Gaming for review.