magicWizards of the Coast is making some changes to the Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix tournament system, mostly in response to growing participation.

First off, WOTC is increasing tournament prizes. First-place finishers will be taking home $4,000 instead of $3,500. And overall prize pools will be raised as well. For events with up to 1,200 participants, the total payout is being increased to $35,000, with awards down to 64th place. Grands Prix with 1,200-2,400 participants will see prize pools of $44,000, with payouts down to 100th place. At a Grand Prix with 2,400 or more participants, prizes will total $54,000 and be paid to the top 150 players.

Second, on-site registrations will no longer be accepted on Saturdays.

Third, in Team Grand Prix contests, those teams making it to the second day will play five rounds of Sealed Deck with a new card pool. Those making it to the top four will team booster draft for the semifinal round and then again for the finals. Also, all byes will be eliminated.

Finally, the 46 Grand Prix events planned for 2014 will be divided in to four seasons to accommodate four Pro Tours. The seasons will run December 2013-March 2014 feeding in to Pro Tour Journey Into Nyx in Atlanta; March-May for Pro Tour Magic 2015 in Portland; June-August for Pro Tour “Huey” in Honolulu; and September-December for Pro Tour “Dewey” in 2015.