Game Bandit - Scouring the net to find the cheapest discount boardgames and best free boardgame prizesSomeone is offering to sell a Pokemon Pikachu Illustrator promo card for $100,000. Someone else wants to sell five sets of first edition Pokemon Holo cards for $145,000 or nine sealed Charizard boxes for $119,000.

The Bundle of Fate is one of those pay-what-you-want-but-get-extra-if-you-pay-more-than-the-average deals, specifically for FATE roleplaying games.

Toys “R” Us Rewards “R” Us members will receive a 10% store-credit rebate for all purchases made now through October 31st.

Hip Little One is giving away The Game of Things from Moose Toys (Australian entries only).

Kay Adeola is giving away Logo Billionaire from Drumond Park (UK residents only).

Mommy Kay and Kids is giving away three Spin Master games: Boom Boom Balloon, Logo Party, and Headbanz Act Up.

Monopoly Empire from Hasbro is the subject of giveaways by:

The Savage in September sale at DriveThruRPG includes five Savage Worlds RPG ebooks for $5 each.

The upcoming Pillbug expansion to Hive will include a coupon for unlocking the Pillbug in the Xbox version of the game.

Skorpion, German Fleet Boats, and Crusade & Revolution can still be had from Compass Games for preorder discounted prices even though two of them have already been released. Not only that, for each one preordered the purchaser can get one of Bataan, Yalu, Steel Wolves, or Storming the Reich at 45% off.

To celebrate 5 years in business, Lone Gunman Games is offering 25% off everything. Use coupon code “5YEARS“.

Hoping to bump its Twitter following, AEG is giving away Legend of the Five Rings cards.