minigame6 mini games in one box for $60. That sums up the Level 99 Games Minigame Library in a nutshell. Each of the games is meant to be portable, and easy enough to learn in 5-10 minutes. The games inside last anywhere from 15-60 minutes, and range in depth and complexity. The games are as follows:

  1. NOIR – A deductive mystery thriller for 2-4 players.
  2. Grimoire Shuffle – A team-based puzzle relay race for 4 or 6 players.
  3. Pixel Tactics – A game of tactical combat for 2 players.
  4. Infinity Dungeon – Delve through a trap-filled dungeon in this absurd storytelling game. For 4-8 players.
  5. Infinity Dungeon 2 – Additional rooms and characters for use with Infinity Dungeon.
  6. Blades of Legend – An epic secret roles game with variable powers. For 6-11 players.
  7. Master Plan – A gameshow for supervillains that plays on a real-space tabletop. For 3-6 players.

As you can see, you actually get 7 decks with the boxed set. The 2nd deck of Infinity Dungeon cards is just more cards to use in the game. I’ve finally gotten a chance to play all the games, and I’ve got to say there’s a good amount of value in this little box. Not all of the games are amazing, but you’re getting more good than bad here.

My top 3 out of the box are Pixel Tactics, Grimoire Shuffle, and NOIR. Infinity Dungeon is a great party-type, off-the-wall, storytelling game, while Blades of Legend is solid and handles a large group of players. Master Plan is the weakest of the set, but certainly not horrible.

If each of these games stood on their own, I may not have given them a second glance. The while idea of this boxes set intrigued me, and I’m glad to have played all the games. It’s always nice to play a great game that you normally wouldn’t have played otherwise.

Final verdict? It’s worth it.

A copy of the Minigame Library was provided fro review by Level 99 games.