SD5_Roadblock_EpicThe Congo Clash event has started in G.I. JOE: Battleground, the digital CCG by Mobage.

“On a routine flight patrol, the Joe’s Tiger Force has discovered a Cobra power base in the depths of the Congo. Tiger Force immediately engages in a heated firefight to destroy Cobra’s energy source in the region. In response to this threat, Cobra sends out Python Patrol to turn the tide of the battle in Cobra’s favor. Will Tiger Force or Python Patrol prevail and prove they’re the kings of the jungle? And more importantly, why is Cobra operating a power base out in the middle of nowhere? Find out when you play this week’s Congo Clash event!”

It’ll run until October 15th, and along with the event the ability to trade cards with other players has now been implemented.

Battleground is free to play, but they’ll hit you up every chance they get to spend money on in-app purchases.