Second Look - Boardgame reviews in depth. Check out that cat.Back in September I posted about the release of Kaijudo: Shattered Alliances, the latest release for the Kaijudo CCG. Finally getting a chance to sit down and play Kaijudo with my son, I can see where the fuss about the game comes from. Being my first foray in Kaijudo, I was surprised to see a game with a much simple outline than something like Magic: The Gathering, but with rock solid rules and different strategies for play.

The game involves having mana needed to summon creatures, a line of “shield” cards that serve essentially as your HP, and your line of summoned creatures to deal some damage with. kaijudoDeck sizes are as small as 40 cards, and the card sets aren’t as expansive as some Magic sets. The theme deck I received, Solor Eclipse, is both visually striking and packed full of power. I also lucked out and snagged a few holofoil cards from booster packs.

After all this, I still manage to be thoroughly trounced by my 8 year old. As a Magic player, he had no trouble at all picking up Kaijudo and running with it at full tilt.

Do I recommend Kaijudo? Totally. It’s simple, quick, and beautiful to look at. I believe you’ll be able to play with a much younger age group than other CCGs, yet not sacrifice fun or quality at all.

A Kaijudo: Shattered Alliances theme deck and booster packs were provided by Wizards of the Coast for review.