Second Look - Boardgame reviews in depth. Check out that cat.It was only the other week that I posted about BCW Supplies and their release of Deck Guards, Deck Cases, and Pro-Folios. |I mentioned how their prices are lower than Ultra Pro stuff, but I wasn’t sure about the quality.

Now I know.

BCW was kind enough to provide me with a bunch of their items to review, and I took a bit to give each of them a whirl. Here’s what I found.

PRO-FOLIO 4-POCKET & PRO-FOLIO 9-POCKET: The quality and feel of the folios is great. Cards slip easily into the pockets, but are snug enough that you don’t have to worry about them falling out. The elastic to hold the case closed is a nice touch and isn’t too tight that you’ll damage the cards inside.

PRO-FOLIO 9-POCKET LX: Pretty much the same as the above, but with a really nice leatherette cover. A little bit of luxury goes a long way here.

10568907_703975039651534_1193262386086644752_nDECK CASE: The deck cases come in 2 sizes. The regular holds 80 sleeved cards, and the large holds 100 sleeved cards. Construction is excellent, definitely on par with Ultra Pro’s deck cases. The added bonus is that each of these come with a divider to split cards. I also found that each can comfortably hold more sleeved cards than advertised. I was actually able to hold 4 sleeved 40-card Kaijudo decks in the large Deck Case with a little wiggle room to spare.

DECK CASE – LX: My second favorite product from the BCW line. These deck boxes are padded with a leatherette shell, and have a folding top that latches with a magnet. They say they hold 80 sleeved cards, but again, they can hold a bit more without having to force the cards in. I’m keeping my favorite Magic deck in mine, and I love just holding the damn thing.

DECK GUARD – MATTE: Here was the big test, and the product I was most looking forward to testing. Ultra Pro matte protectors are awesome. I love them. The last time I purchased 600 of them (a box) it ran me about $33. These come 500 to a box, but they only cost $20.03. That’s a significant savings. How do they compare? Very well, indeed. They feel pretty much identical to the Ultra Pros and have a great fit. The one thing they don’t have is a little holographic circle on the front. That’s a nitpick if you couldn’t tell. Also, after sleeving 600 cards in the Ultra Pro sleeves, I ended up with about 10-12 split sleeves that had to be thrown away. Not a huge deal, but I didn’t suffer 1 split protector in the 500 cards I sleeved with the BCW product.

Overall I’m REALLY happy with the lineup BCW offers. It’s great quality stuff at a better price than what I’m used to. They’ve got my business from here on out, and I’ll be ordering at least 500-1000 more sleeves in the very near future. Maybe some more of those DECK CASE – LX, too.

The full lineup of product were provided free for review by BCW Supplies.