But Wait Theres MoreIf you’ve ever stayed up past midnight watching broadcast television, then you’ve seen those infomercials hocking all manner of merchandise. The iconic line, “But wait. There’s more” is easily identifiable to practically every human being with a television set.

ToyVault recently launched a new party game that has players acting out the pitchman role, trying to sell wares to the rest of your friends. The game is compatible with two to 10 players (although two players would be pretty boring).

Each player gets 30 seconds to perform an infomercial for a product. The pitchman chooses the product, but the features are drawn randomly from the deck, so you may find yourself selling a pair of pants that cooks eggs perfectly every time.

After everyone has had a chance to be a pitchman, players secretly vote on their favorite pitch.

The game comes with 50 Product Cards, 150 Feature Cards, A Tell Us More card, 60 Vote Cards, and five Company cards.

There is also an add-on expansion deck with 40 additional cards called “That’s the best part.” This expansion adds one additional segment to your infomercial in the form of a randomly drawn question, like “What if Grandma can’t lift it?” Your response is, “That’s the best part…,” with a follow up response.

If you have a larger group than you expected, you can add the 6th Player expansion, which extends the number of players to 6 for individuals and 12 for team players.

But Wait, There’s More is available at your local board game shop for $24.99. The That’s The Best Part expansion is available for $4.99. The 6th Player expansion costs $3.99.