CROS_mock-foil_ENComing May 15th, Crossed Souls is the latest Booster Set to arrive for Yu-Gi-Oh!. This 100-card set introduces the Zefra monsters, a new monster omni-theme that crosses over five different Deck types. Zefra monsters are tied in to a popular monster group from recent sets. Duelists with Shaddolls, ’tellarknights, Yang Zing, Nekroz, or Ritual Beasts can add their new Zefra monsters to spice-up their Deck, or build a Deck entirely of Zefra monsters, tying all five together.

Each nine-card pack will be $3.99. The Crossed Souls booster set contains 100 cards:

  • 48 Common
  • 20 Rare
  • 14 Super Rares
  • 10 Ultra Rares
  • 8 Secret Rares

There will be sneak-peak events held for the set at participating stores.