Already funded with 24 days left to go, Tim Fowers new game, Fugitive, is an intense game of cat and mouse for two players. I first got a chance to play a prototype of the game with Tim at PAX East. I played the fugitive while Tim played the marshall. It took only a few minutes to learn the rules, and try to make my way to victory without Tim catching me. I pulled it off, but only by around one turn. Tim was quickly figuring out my moves, and almost had me.

That’s the game in a nutshell. It takes about 10 minutes, and play different for both players. I took home the prototype and have since played it with my 10-year-old. As is usual in our home, he wins most of the time.

There’s already a great how-to video for the game:

Tim has a track record for excellent games, and Fugitive is another added to this list. $18 gets you the game once the campaign is over, and there’s really no reason not to snag it. Really, at this point, all that’s left is for the game to unlock all its stretch goals, the first four of which have already been done.

Seriously. Get it.

A prototype of Fugitive was provided free for this preview by Tim Fowers.