Paper Money is a podcast about the production and business aspects of the game industry featuring Ben Clark and Rett Kipp.

Well, we survived the heat wave.. barely. We recorded the show Sunday night complaining about the lack of news and new product announcements. Paizo, of course, was releasing their new product announcements as we were recording. Thus, you should ignore the part of the show wherein we say there’ll be no news revelations until closer to GenCon. You SHOULD, however, listen to the show and enjoy the discussion of Kickstarter, WotC’s D&D 3.5 reprints, their new D&D Command minis game, and a wonderful aside on whether or not Spiderman jumped the shark, or at least the gun, with a series reboot after only 3 movies. All that plus reader mail and a comedic call for replacements for the “elderly” Mr. Rett Kipp.

PaperMoney #64: All About Boxes

Ben and Rett are back with a hard hitting expose on…boxes. Well, maybe not an expose, but it is the long-feared “All About Boxes” episode. We have lots of news on Origins and other summer fun bits, too. Hopefully, all of this will make you forget the fact that we were very late getting the show out!

And we have an actual link for you:
Ed Pugh’s Evolution of Distribution video

Running Time: Just over 50 minutes of amazing and insightful industry commentary.

We thought we’d do a wonderfully long, sprawling show talking about nothing but Miniatures games. We were wrong. We ended up doing a bang-bang 40 minute show talking about D&D designer Monte Cook’s departure from Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro’s first quarter blues and *then* talk about Adepticon’s ascension and Little Wars retention in the miniature market (that’s sort of a pun, really as the miniatures market is quite small, mostly).

Next show: Right smack on top of Origins at the end of May. (Origins? End of May? I know. I know.). We’ll be talking summer gaming and revisit Kickstarter.


This was going to be our big GAMA Trade Show recap, but alas! There seems to be hardly any news to report, so we talk about the demise of Screen Life, answer a reader post about why a printer didn’t print their game, talk a bit about Digital versus Printed proofs (a remnant from our All About Art show) and generally inform and entertain for an alltogether too brief 30 odd minutes! Happy Spring!

This month, Ben and Rett discuss a smidge of news, the Purple Pawn industry survey, and, of course, art. Ben goes all print nerd about art specs and you actually hear Rett’s eyes glaze over. Truly amazing stuff if you’ve ever wondered about printing a game. If not, stick with it to the end for a nice, concise discussion of the upcoming GAMA Trade Show.

No! We’re not late! We are on our new monthly schedule! This month – our 2012 Predictions (hint: Star Wars comes up a lot) for all sorts of categories: Board Games, RPGs, Minis, Mass Market, and more. We’ve also added some new categories: Retail, Manufacturing and Conventions. Yes, its all that and a bag of chips. At an hour and fifteen minutes, its also one of our longer shows – the perfect length for a hellish winter commute. Or two commutes. Whatever it takes. Oh yes… we also do some news, and offer the world’s most succinct Toy Fair 2012 advice.

Next Show: GAMA Trade Show and All About Artwork! Coming in late February.

Paper Money #59: 2011 in Review

Happy Holidays! Its the end of 2011 and Ben and Rett finally get back into the studio and revisit all their (and their listeners’) predictions for 2011. Who was right? Who was wrong? Who failed epicly? Yes, there’s a reason why most pundits never dredge up their old predictions. Tune in and find out how they did – and a quick recap of the week’s news.

Our next show will be at the end of January and cover the upcoming New York Toy Fair as well as our fearless (or is it feckless?) 2012 Predictions. Of note: Paper Money is moving to a once a month schedule. We apologize to everyone who’s been wondering where the show is every 2 weeks, but Real Life has been intruding pretty heavily on our game – and game business – time, so we thought we’d adjust the show schedule to fit reality. :)

And finally, Ben wanted to thank Santa for his copy of Kings & Things. And GURPS 4th Ed. Kind of an old school Christmas, but it works!


This Saturday is Gaming in the Library Day and November is (maybe) National Game Design Month. Ben and Rett discuss these and other news tidbits such as the drop in toy imports, Job openings at Hasbro and video game sales resurgence. (Astute listeners will note that there is no episode #57. We recorded it, but didn’t get a chance to release it. :) ).

Paper Money #56: GenCon Interviews

With Rett off to the ACD Open House, Ben raids the archives and produces a couple of Paper Money’s greatly delayed GenCon interviews. Enjoy brief talks with Dawn Coleman, game designer – most recently of Hex-a-gon, published by Catalyst Game Labs and with Mark Jacobs, designer and publisher of Chaostle (yes, that Chaostle!). Its a short show, so enjoy this quickly devoured morsel with anticipation of the multi-course meal to come next time!

Paper Money #55: We’re back!

Tanned and rested, or at least caught up with the flurry of Real Life Intrusions that have plagued them since GenCon, Ben and Rett are back this week to talk about the business side of the game industry. They talk about GenCon attendance numbers, what should be the final CPSIA news segment of any importance, the new show outline and other game news in a short (but sweet) Paper Money podcast.

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