My Little Pony Rock ‘N Rave 2-Player Starter Set

ENTMLPCCG3468Coming in August, the Rock ‘N Rave 2-Player Starter Set for the My Little Pony CCG features DJ Pon-3 and Maud Pie. 12 new cards are added, and are never-before-seen Friends, Events, and Troublemakers.

This 2 pack will retail for $18.99 and includes:

  • 2 Special Foil Mane Characters
  • 4 Reference Cards
  • 2 Sets Action Tokens
  • Rule Book
  • Full-size 2-Player Playmat

I still haven’t had a change to play the MLP CCG yet, but I’m hoping to rectify that soon. This may be the set that finally gets me to give it a shot. I am quite partial to DJ Pon-3.

Automated City Mapping

CityographerCityographer from Inkwell Ideas is an automatic city mapping tool for fantasy roleplaying games. Based on the demo video, the images it creates aren’t particularly impressive, but what the output lacks in graphics it makes up for in data.

Cityogrpaher doesn’t just create a map, it creates a detailed city database with each building tied to an individual business. Pointing and clicking on a business will tell the user who works there and what products or services they offer at what prices.

Running on Java, so compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, Cityographer is available in a limited free version, as well as a Pro version that will generate larger cities and allow the importing of custom icons for $32.

Rebel Minis Releases Earth Force Grav Combat Flatbed

earth-force-combat-flatbed-grav-5Sculpted by John Bear Ross, the Earth Grav Combat Flatbed is perfect for transporting troops and supplies across the battlefield. Included with this beauty is a mini-vulcan anti-personnel gun. All this for the low price of $9.95!

Along with the flatbed, Rebel Minis has also released the 15mm News Crew and Robber. The 3 models go for $2.75.

15mm is tiny, but it sure is budget friendly!

Magic2015The latest installment in the Duels of the Planeswalkers series introduces a full deck-building experience that allows fans to customize their style of play like never before. Now available on the iPad, today’s launch signifies the first in the Magic 2015 product line-up and will be followed by releases on other platforms starting on July 16th.

The base game is free, with the complete package available for unlock for $29.99.


Game Blotter - A roundup of crimes, legal cases, and when "the law" gets involved with gamesThree men with axes attacked players in a Mahjong parlor in Xinjiang, China. The Mahjong players fought back and detained the assailants for police. Two of the attackers later died (from what has not been revealed), while the third confessed to pursuing the attack as a “holy war“. Video of the attack is available on YouTube.

Hasbro vs. Sweetpea (for claims over rights to make a Dungeons & Dragons movie) is going to trial. A date of September 16th has been set.

Someone is attempting to patent “a method of transforming a virtual entity from a first game to be useable in a second game” (US 13/567,629). This doesn’t sit well with others, who claim that such processes have been common in roleplaying games for years.

A website run by Ignatius Long, a supporter of Garry Kasparov for FIDE President, has reported allegations that the administration of the incumbent president is improperly registering the representatives of national Chess federations based on whom the individual supports in the campaign.

A recent update to the FIDE Laws of Chess (tournament rules) means that a player that brings a mobile phone anywhere in to the playing venue will be declared the loser of his game.

Three Americans in Mexico were hospitalized after allegedly becoming possessed by evil spirits while playing Ouija.

At the Cannes Film Festival, actress Pamela Anderson opened a charity Backgammon event that she organized by revealing that she was raped during a Backgammon game at 12 years of age.

Snohomish, Washington is preparing to make it legal for people to bet on card games but only where the venue has acquired a license and collects a 10 percent tax from participants.

Dominoes violence reared its ugly head in Lawrence, Massachusetts, where one man stabbed another in the back three times because he was upset over losing a game.

Either Hasbro is claiming rights to the term “Brony“, which is used for adult fans of My Little Pony, or Zazzle is doing so on their behalf.

Prison officials in Hong Kong have confiscated mahjong tiles, poker cards, dice, and chess pieces crafted by inmates from bread and other unusual materials. The officials were concerned that the game components were being used for gambling.

The latest move in a 2-year suit over the licensing of The Hobbit gambling games, sees Warner Bros. seeking to have the Tolkien estate’s attorneys disqualified.

Someone has been breaking in to toy stores in Victoria and New South Wales, Australia to steal Lego sets and then sell them for parts online.

In Kampong Cham, Cambodia, a killer remains at-large after beating to death the friend that gave him a ride to a dice game.

A Chicago man exonerated by DNA evidence after serving 32 years in prison is now facing a new murder charge, this time for allegedly shooting and stabbing someone over money lost in a dice game.

The national Chess champion of Guyana was arrested for assault with intent to rob.

The High Court of Bangladesh has declared Nipon Khela and Howji (dice games) to be gambling and therefore illegal.

A federal circuit court has affirmed a lower court invalidation of the Hide-N-Seek Hayley doll patent, siding with Jakks Pacific’s position that the doll’s interactive locator feature is obvious.

A federal court judge has refused to grant an injunction against NECA/WizKids’ acquisition of retailer Hastings. Finding that the issue could be resolved later with monetary damages, the judge allowed both the lawsuit by a group of Hastings shareholders and the sale to prooceed.

When police broke up a dice game at the Youtefa market in Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia, violence erupted, resulting in the death of one officer and three civilians. Though the police have 23 suspects in custody, the dead officer’s rifle is still missing.

Police in Middlesex, Pennsylvania are warning the public not to wager against people running card games at truck stops. They say it’s a scam.

Five people were shot, one of them killed, at a dice game in Atlanta.

An Oakland, California man received a sentence of 15 years-to-life for killing another man in 2013, when the latter refused to pay up on $5 lost during a dice game.

In Racine, Wisconsin, a jury has convicted a man for a 2005 triple-homicide sparked by a rigged dice game.

Five Tribes Available for Pre-Order

ft-home_picture1Days of Wonder’s latest title, Five Tribes, is now available for pre-order through their site.

As a stranger in a new land, players are thrust into a competition for very control of the now sultan-less Naqala. Do your best to unite the five tribes and exert the most influence over the land to become the victor. Like most Days of Wonders game, Five Tribes is billed as being simple to learn, yet carrying enough depth for seasoned gamers.

The game is $60,  is meant for 2-4 players aged 13+, and should last from 40-80 minutes.


Now available on Steam Early Access, Hand of Fate is a cross between an action RPG and a CCG. The finished game will be hitting Steam and the PS4 in in Q4, with a PS Vita version coming in Q1 of 2015.
In Hand of Fate, players collect equipment, items, artifacts and enemies as in-game collectible cards in a card based RPG; then play their deck, bringing the cards to life in a 3D  world where gamers make difficult decisions. Sometimes their choices have unexpected consequences and players must crush their foes utilizing a third person action-adventure combat system. The more bosses a player defeats, the more cards they obtain.

I haven’t seen any info on whether or not they’ll be in-app purchases, but this isn’t some free-t0-play game. I’m hoping there won’t be.

Game Bandit - Scouring the net to find the cheapest discount boardgames and best free boardgame prizesShare a house rule with Mayday Games for a chance to win Coconuts.

Ascension small-box expansions are 50% off through the end of July.

At, use coupon code “JULY10″ for $10 off a purchase of $50 or more.

Ephemeris RPG is on-sale for 30% off.

Jon Brazer Enterprises’ Pathfinder RPG e-books are available at significant discount.

All Gold Rush Games RPG e-books are on-sale for $1-2.

Blog giveaways:

Second Look—Dreadball

Second Look - Boardgame reviews in depth. Check out that cat.I must preface this post by stating, with full intensity and sincerity, that I am by no means a sports fan. Most of my knowledge of sports comes from the fact that my kids play them, and the GFL series of books by Scott Sigler.

That being said, Dreadball has fast become one of my favorite games.

Miniatures? Check. Violence? Check. Sports?


Yup. Check.

In Dreadball you’re coaching a team of intergalactic sports players who’s goal is to get the weapons-grade ball into one of 3 scoring zones on the opponent’s side of the pitch. You’ve got 3 player types: Strikers, Jacks, and Guards. Strikers can run the ball. Jacks can run the ball and dole out hits. Guards can only hit. Your team is built of these 3 types of players, though only 6 can be on the field at once. The others are benched, waiting for another player to be switched out, injured or killed to come in to the game. There’s also rules for MVPs and Giants, but that’s a bit beyond the scope of the basic set.

dreadballPlayers take turns over the course of Rushes, each taking 5 actions each before the Rush counter is moved up and the opposing player takes their turn. Players run, pass, smash, and push their way towards goals. Everything is dice based, and actions can fail, succeed, or double, which gives you special actions that be taken. Through all this you’ve got fans to please, and a ref that can be caught off guard if you feel you want to cheat a bit. The rules can get pretty in-depth, though not in a complicated manner. You can peek at them here.

Something about this game just clicked with me right off the bat. I’ve already pre-ordered a new pitch, and am planning on getting some more teams, and the corresponding rulebooks for those teams. One of these days I’ll get my teams painted.

The game is much more accessible than a game like Bloodbowl, which may be why it scratches the right itch for me. It’s a sci-fi, customizable sports game that doesn’t take too much time or money to get into.

A copy of Dreadball was provided free for review by Mantic Games.




Motor Crash Melee

motorcrossmeleeFresh on the Game Crafter from The Silver Bull Games, Motor Crash Melee is race a demolition derby between players. The game features a programming element where players lay out their actions and hope to cause the most carnage once everything is resolved and the smoke clears. The car who survived the most hazards gets the points for the round, and gameplay continues until one player has enough points to be crowned Champion of the Crash Melee!

Motor Cross Melee is for 2-4 players ages 12+, and lasts around 30 minutes. You can snag it now for $29.99.



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