The Hen Commandments

thc-wholeSo this may be a while off, but I couldn’t resist posting about something with the name The Hen Commandments. TerrorBull Games has the game mechanics completed, but will be launching a Kickstarter soon to finalize art and get the game manufactured.

The Hen Commandments is a party game for 3-8 players where the players are trying to create a new religion. Each player is also trying to become the best disciple of the Holy Chicken by best figuring out what the heck the Holy Chicken is really talking about. One of the coolest things about the game is how the Holy Chicken lays 6 eggs at the start of each of 10 turns, each containing a word that must be strung together with the others to create a commandment. Players then play cards of themes that best fit the commandment. The person who has had the most of their themes judged to be the best by the end of the 10th commandment is the winner.

There’s probably a ton of chicken puns I could have laid in there, but this is the only one you’ll be getting from me.


Score Board - Boardgame tournaments, competitions and championships results and scoresScrabble

The winner of the $22,000 first place prize at the Godswill Akpabio International Scrabble Classics in Nigeria was Nigel Richards, who’s record in the tournament was 21-7 +1767.


The World Youth Chess Championships in Durban, South Africa featured girls and boys sections for under-8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18. Two players went undefeated, Qiyu Zhou of Canada, who took the trophy in the girls under-14 section, and Jennifer Yu of the United States, who won in the girls under-12 section. At one point, Nguyen Anh Khoi of Vietnam had dropped to 16th place but with a two-win finish claimed first on tie-breakers in the boys under-12. This was not Khoi’s first time as champion. He was the winner of the under-10 category 4 years ago. Among the first-place finishers, 11 different countries were represented.

In first place at the Poker Stars Chess tournament (open section) in Isle of Man was Nigel Short of the UK. In the women’s section, the winner was Dronavalli Hakira of India.


At the Championship Series event in Dallas, Billy Brake used a control deck to duel his way in to the top 16, where he survived four rounds of single-elimination Battle Pack 3: Monster League drafting to come out the winner. In the Dragon Duel section (for players born in 2002 or later), the winner was Tyler Hanson. Both winners were Texas natives.

Rubik’s Cube

A world record blindfolded solution of the 4×4 cube was achieved in 2 minutes, 18.65 seconds by Oliver Frost at the Cuthberts Open in Hatfield, UK.

Another world record, for solution of a 7×7 cube, was achieved in 2 minutes, 38.93 seconds by Vladislav Shavelskiy at the CCC Autumn Open in Moscow, Russia.

Magic: The Gathering

Grand Prix Shanghai, the first Khans of Tarkir limited, was won with The Abzan Houses by Yu Yin of China.

The Mardu clan dominated Grand Prix Orlando, which was won by Eugene Hwang.

Ari Lax made his first podium appearance at Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir in Honolulu with the aid of a mid-range Abzan deck.


The 6th German Backgammon Champion is Christoph Wagener.


At the European Championship in Tallinn, Estonia, Roel Boomstra of the Netherlands claimed the title in the men’s general section, while the title in the women’s general section went to Olga Baltazhy of Ukraine. Russians Matrena Nogovitsyna and Mourodoullo Amrillaew won the blitz women’s and men’s sections, respectively.

Alexander Getmanski of Russia placed first in the blitz section and second in the general section of the International Open Draughts Tournament in Bacoli, Italy. The first place finisher in the general section was Alexey Chizhov of Russia.

Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King

SPM210501 containsI’m a big fan of Super Dungeon Explore, so it’s no big surprise that I’m overly excited about this new edition that’s coming out.

Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King is a new edition of the excellent dungeon crawl featuring revised rules and 2 different ways to play. It boasts faster gameplay with the same amount of tactical depth that fans enjoy from the first edition.

Coming out in January, Forgotten King posts an impressive price tag for $100. Add in an extra $15 for the upgrade kit if you’ve got the first edition and want to bring all your pieces over with you into the new set.


Second Look—Wreck Age

Second Look - Boardgame reviews in depth. Check out that cat.For a while now I’ve been posted about Wreck Age and its progress. Hyacinth Games has created an excellent world, and a rule-set that’s a little bit RPG and a little bit miniatures.

I finally had a chance to sit down with their 2 player starter set, Showdown at Burnt Tierra Gulch. The miniatures are excellent, and required very little trimming to get them up to snuff. The included terrain is also a nice touch, and gives you a nice area to play your first few games.

Now let me start off by saying I believe Wreck Age is a good game, but there were a few things that hindered my enjoyment of the scenarios I played.

My first complaint is the quick start rules themselves. They aren’t really enough to get you going with what’s in the box. The units that come with the set are hard to match up with the stat cards, and not all their equipment is listed in the quick start guide. The guide often references areas in the main rulebook, which doesn’t come with the set. Now I happen to have the full rulebook, and was able to figure a few things out, but I was also a bit confused on how the book was laid out. Like I said before, there’s rules for both playing the game as a tabletop RPG and a miniatures game. I feel like the game should be one or the other, or at least split the two rule sets apart entirely.

236033982While I did manage to sort most things out, it did take a considerable amount of time to do so, and I probably couldn’t have without having the full rulebook. In my mind this defeats the purpose of a starter set. However, once I had the rules down, the game was very enjoyable and fairly fast paced. It’s skirmish level, with only a few units on each side. Turns are quick, often deadly, and the scenarios provided in the box were a good way to stretch my legs a bit with the game.

If you’re an avid minis gamer, and the theme here appeals to you, I recommend purchasing the full rulebook and this starter set to get you on your way. I can’t, unfortunately, recommend this starter set on its own, as it really felt like there wasn’t enough information included to really get you going.

I’m debating picking up more miniatures, but maybe after creating a comprehensive reference sheet for easier rules access.

A copy of the full Wreck Age rulebook and the Showdown at Burnt Tierra Gulch were provided free for review by Hyacinth Games.

New Golem Arcana Expansions Coming

Fans of Golem Arcana have something to look forward to in the coming months. 3 different sets will be coming out between November and December.

First, in November, are the Urugal Reapers of the Sands. This set includes:

  • The Necrotic Fencer, a warsprite that can launch a lethal Dark Assault.
  • The Bone Fiend, a titan that calls upon a Foul Siphon capable of damaging multiple enemies at once.
  • The Corpse Collector, an ogre that swoops down on and Tears its opponents.
  • Three banner stands
  • Three TDI Golem Cards (matching the figures)
  • Two double-sided Mana Well tokens
  • Four new Relic Cards that can be used to augment any Golem army

The set will retail for $34.99

Next, in  December, we’ll see the 3rd Map Pack and the Gudanna Valkali Colossus. The Map Pack contains a new terrain type, marshes, and can be combined with tiles from any other set to expand your battlefield. It’ll retail for $24.99.

The colossus, all $64.99 of her, stands 190mm tall and has interchangeable faces that can customize her power set. Six faces are included with the miniature, and 4 of them can be attached to her at one time. The Valkali Colossus also comes with cards for each of her faces and 2 new Relic cards.

Magic the Gathering Strategy Board Game

10648965_10154657517145307_7060850356698460658_oDuring the Pro Tour: Khans of Tarkir broadcast on a Twitch, and advertisement was run for Magic the Gathering: The Strategy Board Game. The only information about the game was that more details would be given at Essen on 10.16.14.

I’ll post more information when I have it, but this is a pretty exciting turn of events! It’ll be interesting to see how the famous CCG makes the transition to a board.

Power Grid Deluxe

RIO506Rio Grande Games is releasing a deluxe version of Power Grid for the 10th anniversary of the game. The game isn’t just a reprint, however. Everything has been super-sized and upgraded. The board is double sided, and contains all of North America on one size, and all of Europe on the other. All the wooden parts have custom shapes for each resource, and natural gas has replaced garbage. Power plants have been changed too, and resource refill cards have been added to make refilling the resource table easier.

Rio Grande is making sure players know that this is still the same old Power Grid we know and love, just with a bit of extra love.

MSRP will be $79.95 and it should be hitting shelves soon.

Aerial Assault – A Card Game About FIRST Robotics

Right off the bat the tag line of Aerial Assault has me hooked. A card game about FIRST Robotics? Sold.

The game has you building a robot, training the drivers, and competing against other teams in around the 30 minute time range.

There’s 2 versions of the game you can snag for your pledge. The basic version for $25, and the Deluxe version for $35.

Included in each version is:

Basic (2 to 4 players, 4 robots)

  • 4 Team Cards
  • 16 Basic Action Cards (4 per team)
  • 52 Robot Part Cards (13 per robot)
  • 24 Special Action Cards
  • 6 Playing Field Zone Cards
  • 2 Scoring Cards
  • 4 Alliance Selection Cards
  • 2 red ball tokens and 2 blue ball tokens
  • 4 six-sided dice

Deluxe (Basic Game plus items below, 2 to 6 players, all robots)

  • Extra Team Cards (depends on number of backers)
  • 8 Basic Action Cards (4 per team)
  • 26 Robot Part Cards (13 per robot)
  • 12 Special Action Cards
  • 2 Alliance Selection Cards
  • 1 red ball token and 1 blue ball token
  • 2 six-sided dice

The Kickstarter project currently has 9 days left, and is about halfway to their goal. Hopefully this one gets funded!

Game Bandit

Game Bandit - Scouring the net to find the cheapest discount boardgames and best free boardgame prizesPaizo’s Great Golem Sale features mostly RPG products but also board games, miniatures, and accessories for some major discounts (officially up to 90% off).

d20 Monkey is giving away a Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set.

Nonperfect Parenting is giving away Show Me the Kwan from Griddly Games.

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