Mole Rats in Space

Star Realms next expansion is to be a Scenario Pack of special cards that modify a game for all players. For example, the “Rushed Defenses” card makes bases cheaper and allows players to put newly acquired ships immediately on top of their decks. A single scenario card can be added at the beginning of a game either by choice or at random.

White Wizard Games will ship the Star Realms Scenario Pack this summer with 20 cards at a suggested retail price of $7.99.

Gloomhaven Returning to Kickstarter

For those of you who missed out on the Gloomhaven Kickstarter, or were one of the people who had their pre-order for the game canceled when the company couldn’t meet demand, you’re in luck! A new Kickstarter for the base game will be launching at the end of this month for a new printing of the game with updated rules. Originally the base game was going to be an add-on of the Founders of Gloomhaven Kickstarter, but Isaac Childres has decided to split the two.

So, don’t go spending $200+ on a copy of this amazing game. You just need a bit of patience and you can snag it for retail, as there’s no doubt the project will fund.

I’m back, and recovered, from PAX East 2017! That means it’s time for some coverage!

First on the list is Scrollplay, and awesome deck box / game mat storage system that was successfully Kickstarted a short while ago. While very utilitarian in design, the function is quite awesome.

The Scrollplay is a scroll with 3 magnetically sealing deck compartments. The outside of the scroll also has several magnets for holding a loosely wrapped game mat around the unit. This keeps your game mat from getting creased or, if rolled to tightly, warped into a curled shape. It’s actually really awesome. Scrollplay sells both the customizable scroll case and pre-magnetized mats to go with it. You can also buy straps to make the unit easier to carry. Really in love with your own game mat? You can buy magnets and the template to magnetize your own mat for use with the Scrollplay.

I took one home with me, a black scroll with the Island mat, and I couldn’t be happier with it!

Check out some pics below. If you like what you see you can snag everything you need here.


Official Dungeons & Dragons Digital Tools, Take 2

On its way is D&D Beyond, a new official digital toolset for Dungeons & Dragons. Wizards of the Coast is partnering on development of the product with Curse Entertainment, a subsidiary of Twitch. D&D Beyond will provide an electronic rules compendium, character builder, character sheets, monster tracking, and other services.

Access to SRD content and the ability to maintain some small number of characters will be possible with a free account. For more than that, Curse says there’ll be “flexible purchase options” allowing users to “pay only for the D&D content you need.” For example, a player might purchase only the options related to particular race and class selections. Alternatively, a monthly subscription will allow broader access, the ability to manage more characters, and the possibility of integrating “homebrew content.”

D&D Beyond is not WOTC’s first go at digital tools for 5th Edition. An earlier project with Trapdoor Technologies, DungeonScape, was cancelled in 2014.

Toy Fair 2017—Mayday Games

Mayday Games brought one new game to Toy Fair, Macroscope (July, $35). This game has a deck of cards with images placed in a constructed steampunk-like device with covered windows displaying sections of the illustration. Roll dice to remove which windows you can open; can you guess what the image is?

Game Bandit

Game Bandit - Scouring the net to find the cheapest discount boardgames and best free boardgame prizesJon Brazer Enterprises has bundled up every one of its Pathfinder ebooks (that’s more than 60 products) and is selling the package at a 90% discount.

For $5 off purchases of over $35 from Fat Brain Toys, use promo code “RO-2429”.

For 15% off “most items” from Hasbro Toy Shop, use promo code “SPRING17”.

And for 20% off Spin Master’s Toy of the Year winners and finalists (excluding Hatchimals), use promo code “TOTY20”.

Chanegling: The Lost makes an appearance at Bundle of Holding. The Player’s Collection is $17.95 and includes the World of Darkness rulebook, Changeling: The Lost, and three other sourcebooks. At the threshold price of $29, six more books are added.

Amazon deals:

EverythingBoardGames is giving away The Refuge from B&B Game Studios and Castle Dukes from Medieval Lords.

Flying Pig Games has Night of Man on-sale for 25% off.

For baseball’s spring training, Strat-O-Matic is offering 25% off select seasons of cards.

Toy Fair 2017—Fox Mind

Fox Mind’s latest release, Match Madness ($30), is a challenge puzzle played in real-time head-to-head. That is, each player has a set of five two-piece blocks covered with various symbols (sort of like three-dimensional dominoes). A challenge card is flipped and the first player to arrange their blocks in a matching pattern wins the point.



Fox Mind, known mostly in the past for these types of abstract titles, is moving this year to incorporate in to its lineup games with more thematic content.

Flipolo (imminent, $20) is another kind of fast-play race. Every player gets a board of animal faces and a set of double-sided tiles with the same animal faces mixed-and-matched on either side. The goal is to be the first to cover one’s board with matching animals. The challenge is to use the right side of the right tile on the right space, without needing the opposite side of the tile in a different space.

Sports Dice Baseball (May, $12) is a light dice game for two players. When a meeple comes up to bat, both players roll a set of dice. For each, the most common roll (single, double, etc.) governs. If the roll of the one at-bat is better, the hit is a success. If the roll of the player fielding is better, then the batter is out. Ties can be broken by the player currently holding the power chip, if they hand the chip over to their opponent.

Museum Heist (summer, $30) secretly assigns players individual art-thief characters. Then they take turns moving character tokens around the museum map-board (any, not just their own). The goal is to be the first to arrive at an art token and steal it without being discovered.

The concept for Head of Mousehold (summer, $20) is based on the saying, “The second mouse gets the cheese.” That is, after determining a new speed ranking each round for the various colored mice, players lay mouse cards (alternating face-down and face-up) on the cheese-baited mouse traps. At the end of a round, when everyone has placed their three mouse cards, the one who played the second-fastest mouse on each trap gets to claim the cheese.

Slide Blast (summer, $30) is a tile-laying path game along the lines of Tsuro or Psyche Paths. Starting from a central hub, players add hexagonal tiles to build out an elaborate water-slide. They rack up points for every segment that their token slides, as well as bonus points for slides they assist other players.

Just as Toy Fair was starting, the news went out that Ravensburger, Wonder Forge, and BRIO were all being reorganized under a new Ravensburger North America division. Most of what we saw at the show game-wise is starting to be listed under the Wonder Forge brand line, but there were quite a few games that were coming out with a Ravensburger logo on them. Several items featuring Minions and other characters from the Despicable Me movie franchise were found in both brand lines.

On the Ravensburger side, Despicable Me Labyrinth (Spring, $32) is a themed version of their popular Labyrinth game line. The Despicable Me-themed Eye Found It! (Fall, $26) joins that game’s line with a six-foot board and a card game version (Fall, $6). Those last two were so new, that even though they had them for display at the show, they were waiting for the licensor’s artwork approval, so no photos as of yet!

Wonder Forge’s Despicable Me showings included Linked Up (a Fall Target exclusive, $15), where you place plastic “link” bars connecting character images on a tight board; Battle Matching (Summer, under $10), a cute take on a memory/picture matching game; and Surprise Slides (Summer, price TBD), a spin and move game that’s a bit like Snakes & Ladders if you could move snakes and ladders around during the game.

Wonder Forge’s other items this year mainly featured Disney properties. The Elena of Avalor Flight of the Jaquins game (Fall, $20) features sculpts of Jaquins, a player-assembled palace, and bilingual cards. The game also has different modes of play to scale for age ranges: your kindergartener can play with your fourth-grader, each with different objectives, to complete first. Mickey and the Roadster Racers Bump ‘n’ Race (a Spring Toys R Us exclusive, $20) features a very simple game element with four small cars representing racers from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, a sloped playing surface, and movable barriers to bounce off of.

The trivia-with-images game line Pictopia has two new entries, a smaller sized Marvel Cinematic Universe-themed Pictopia game (soon) and a big box Harry Potter edition (Summer). Each game has similar game play with trivia questions on the back of a card that features four images. The Harry Potter game contains questions about all of the movies, including Fantastic Beasts.

Back on the Ravensburger side of the booth, we find Krazy Wordz (Spring, $20). Create words out of your letter tiles, and then players choose which word sounds like it would fit the definition on the term cards in the center of the table. Does a “Garbuna” sound more like an Australian marsupial or a brand of chocolate bar to you?

The tenth anniversary editions of Notre Dame and In The Year of the Dragon are coming! (Availability date and retail prices TBD.) Both games will come with expansions included.


Toy Fair 2017—WizKids

WizKids has a packed booth at Toy Fair with lots of items from their Dungeons & Dragons line on display as well as more Heroclix items and some standalone games.

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the wall of unpainted Dungeons & Dragons miniatures. In the first wave of miniatures (this month, $2.99 each), sixty different miniature packs are available with some coming in with multiple figures. Also planned: Pathfinder miniatures! (No date or price on those as of yet!)

But if you like painted miniatures, they’ve got you covered with the Adventurer’s Campsite as part of the Icons of the Realms’ Monster Menagerie II line. This $50 box comes with a painted covered wagon, two saddled horses, three treasure chests, two kegs (of course), and all the little things: sacks, camp fires, bedrolls, spellbooks, scrolls, bags of holding…

And just released the day of the show, Assault of the Giants. This newest entry into the line of D&D boardgames comes in a standard edition for $80 or a premium edition with fully-painted miniatures for $130.

Coming soon in Heroclix are two new lines: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Return and Marvel’s Deadpool & X-Force. TMNT will come in blind bags for $3 each. Deadpool & X-Force will be available in a brick of boosters for $130, which is probably your best bet at obtaining that Deadpool riding the unicorn ultra-rare piece (one is available in approximately every four cases).

Recreating a classic oversized comic book I had when I was a kid, the Heroclix Superman vs. Muhammad Ali set comes with a boxing ring, the greatest, and a Superman wearing boxing gloves. Debuting in March, this set will retail for $50.

Three new games were also shown: The Banishing, Tower of London, and Tournament at Camelot. Relasing in March, the Banishing is a difficult strategy cooperative game where you’re banishing creatures. Tower of London is a zone control game available in April. Tournament at Camelot, a May release, is a trick-taking game with box artwork inspired from illuminated manuscripts. All three games will retail for $20.


Lightseekers, a new entry in the toys-to-life category, makes use of Bluetooth communication to deliver two-way communication between action figures and computer app, no special portal required. Thus, the figures not only show up in the video game, but can also respond to in-game events with vibrations, lights, and sounds, can be modified with weapons and other physical attachments, and can even be used as live controllers.

The software for Lightseekers is being produced by PlayFusion, the toy line by TOMY. Besides the figures, that product line includes a collectible card game, playable either on its own or through augmented reality as enhancements to the video game.

Lightseekers will launch at Toys “R” Us online on April 17th and in-stores July 1st.

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