Toronto, Canada: Police arrest a 12 year old boy who was hiding a gun under some board games in his bedroom (a “family member” tipped off the police). (source)

Wilkes-Barre, PA: Man charged with theft and cheating at a card game in a casino. (source)

Carlisle, PA: Man scammed out of $300 at a dice game. (source)

Louisville, KY: Two men shot dead at (possibly) a dice game. (source)

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Covington, KY: Two teens arrested for killing a third who had won money in a dice game. (source)

Nigeria: President of the National Scrabble Foundation brought before the Economic and Financial Crimes commission by several of the players, who accuse him of improperly deducting money from their winnings. (source)

Niagara Falls, NY: Man arrested at a dice game gets five years probation for cocaine possession. (source)

Colonie, NY: Police seize money and charge four people for operating illegal poker sessions for 60 t0 70 players. (source)

Baltimore, MD Blacktown, Australia: Man arrested for selling stolen goods, including board games. (source)

Bradley Ruderman is jailed for a ponzi scheme. Some of the money he made from the scheme he lost to Tobey Maguire and other celebrities at illegal poker games. In order to collect back money for the investors of the ponzi scheme, the bankruptcy trustees are suing Maguire and other celebrities for the money Bradley lost to them in these games. (source)

Manila, Philippines: Policeman walks up to people playing a card game and begins shooting, killing 1 and wounding 3. (source)

Loraine, OH: Fight and gun waving at a card game. (source)

Canberra, Australia: Items, including board games, stolen from a car during a wave of car looting. (source)

Dimapur, India: Someone stole a bunch of items from the room of a Chess association participating in a tournament. (source)

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Weekly Game Criminal Roundup

Pattaya, Thailand: Despite being bribed, police crack down on illegal house game playing rummy and High Low. (source)

Palm Beach, FL: Giant outdoor chess board (not the pieces) stolen. (source)

Jaipur, India: One man shoots another dead in a dispute about a card game, and the victim’s friends then beat him to death. (source)

Ghent, NY: Two men caught after stealing $3,000 worth go Magic cards. (source) That’s like, what, five cards?

Huntsville, AL: One mans with a gun robs several others at a dice game. (source)

St Louis, MO: Man robbed on the way home from a casino sues the casino for having allowed him to get drunk and pay him publicly in cash in front of other people (two of whom were the robbers). (source)

Massillon, OH: House robbed of several items, including board games. (source)

Detroit, MI: Fight at a card game turns into a killing with a knife. (source)

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Antioch, CA: Armed and armored man arrested at a dice game. (source)

Lakeland, FL: One man shoots another in the foot at a card game. (source)

Johannesburg, South Africa: Chess coach arrested on child pornography possession. (source)

Hey kids! Curious to know what crime is like in the world of video games? Here’s a sample from last week:

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Vicksburg, MS: Three people, including a 14 year old, charged in a shooting death over a dice game. (source)

NYC, NY: 15 people in a gambling ring arrested. (source)

San Diego, CA: Police officer accused of trying to “cap” his bet at a casino. (source)

Winnipeg, CA: Woman sentenced to prison for smuggling heroin in Monopoly boxes. (source)


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Weekly Game Criminal Roundup

Salt Lake City, UT: Two men arrested in raids on illegal gambling. (source)

Wilmington, DE: Three men arrested for marking cards in a casino at the Blackjack table. (source)

Peabody, MA (not really criminal): Police called to disperse a noisy game of dominoes. (source)

Marikina City, Philippines: Four arrested for gambling on the poker game Pusoy. (source)

Albany, GA: One man stabs another at a card game. (source)

Memphis, TN: One man shoots two others at a dice game. (source)

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Mount Airy, NC: Former policeman, disabled veteran, and Otis Campbell-impersonator arrested for playing Checkers outside an eatery, on charges of obstructing the sidewalk. (source, via)

Cincinnati, OH: In an elderly home, one man dies in a fight over a card game. (source)

Nashville, TN: One man shoots and kills another at a dice game. (source)

Charlotte, NC: One man shoots another dead at a card game. (source)

London, UK: Pedophiles organized parties to play board game with Roman slaves and masters theme and pictures. (source)

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Weekly Game Criminal Roundup

Odessa, TX: Noise over board games and party leads to scuffle and then shooting. (source)

Miami, FL: Crimestoppers Miami focused on two dice games that led to shootings. (source)

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Weekly Game Criminal Roundup

Alameda, CA: Two or more guys using guns rob a dice game. (source)

Zamboanga, Philippines: Police raid three gambling operations. (source)

Huntington, WA: One man shoots another dead at a dice game. Killer sought.  (source)

Preston, CT: Two men arrested for cheating in Macau Style Mini-Baccarat at Foxwoods Casino. One distracted the dealer while the other swapped the cards. (source)

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