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Mattel in Frankfurt, Germany has an opportunity for a Marketing Intern – Brand Activation Games to support the company at Essen Internationale Spieltage, test and proofread prototypes, plan advertising, manage social media, and conduct market research.

Wizards of the Coast is recruiting for a Senior Game Designer to join Magic: The Gathering’s R&D team. Requires 3+ years design experience, passion for MtG, ability to lead teams, and familiarity with other CCGs.

Spin Master is looking for someone crafty, outgoing, and comfortable with social media to fill the role of Sand Castle Maker. The position is a 1 year, $50,000 contract to build “imaginative creations” with Kinetic Compounds. Must make at least one video a week, with children.

CENTRA Technology, a consulting firm in Arlington, Virginia (just outside D.C.), has an opening for a Wargame Analyst. The job of the analyst is to organize and implement simulations and exercises involving such topics as space policy, military technology, cybersecurity, and regional affairs.

Goliath Games in Plano, Texas needs a Graphic Designer to design game packaging and layout instruction manuals and game boards. Five or more years of experience is required.

Andromeda Simulations International, which runs board game based training programs on business, finance, and strategy, needs a Marketing Director. The goal is to “focus on solution design and content development,” such as blogging, social media campaigns, email campaigns, and trade shows and conferences.

Cartamundi has a number of openings at its board game manufacturing plant in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Some are shift-based production positions. Others are for IT and logistics.

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ACD Distribution is looking to hire a Sales Representative in Middleton, Wisconsin. The job involves cold-calling and managing existing customer relationships. “Knowledge of and a passion for board games are a definite plus.”

TCGplayer has a number of openings in Syracuse, New York. Some are for software development; others are for some aspect of project management and customer relations.

Green Ronin is recruiting women for contract work on its upcoming Lost Citadel Roleplaying Game.

Patrick Leder, owner of Leder Games and designer of Vast: The Crystal Caverns, needs all-around help running his company—production, customer service, marketing, all of it—so he can focus on product development. The position he wants to fill, Operations Coordinator, is part-time and contract and can be done remotely, though proximity to the Twin Cities would be an advantage.

Also in the Twin Cities area, Asmodee North America (née Fantasy Flight Games) has openings for a Production Coordinator, License Compliance Coordinator, and International Sales Representative.

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Pinnacle Entertainment Group (Savage Worlds RPG) is recruiting for a part-time Production Assistant, by which the company apparently means they will do a little bit of everything: project management, marketing, sales, customer service, and graphic design. Working remotely is a possibility.

Panda Game Manufacturing needs Account Managers to work with publisher clients, one with an Asia focus, one with a France focus, one with a Germany focus, and one general. Also the company is looking for a Project Manager. Everything is remote.

Asmodee North America (Fantasy Flight Games) is looking for a Legal Assistant, an Application Developer, a Help Desk Support Technician, and people to work in the FFG Games Center. All positions are in Roseville, Minnesota.

In Rhode Island, there’s a Design Manager position available with Hasbro Gaming. Duties involve coordinating between market feasibility, production, licensing relationships, and other aspects of product development.

Hasbro subsidiary, Wizards of the Coast, has a several openings, including Software Developer, Program Manager, and Digital Marketing for MtG in Renton, Washington; Community Coordinator in Spain; and WPN Senior Store Lead in Germany.

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North Star GamesNorth Star Games is hiring. The company is looking for a Content Marketing Manager and a Customer Service and Shipping Coordinator. The former will run the social media program and company website. The latter will be responsible for distributing samples, demo copies, and replacement parts. Both positions are located in Kensington, Maryland, just up the street from me. Get the job and we can hang out!

Among a few others positions, Asmodee North America is searching for an Organized Play Coordinator to run international Catan tournaments and a Licensing Coordinator for administrative functions related to licensing partners.

Open positions with Panda Game Manufacturing include Web Developer and Prepress Specialist. There are actually two of the latter, one of which requires fluency in both English and Mandarin Chinese.

GTS Distribution needs Account Representatives in Woburn, Massachusetts; Hauppauge, New York; and Jacksonville, Florida. Responsibilities include sales to retailers and representing GTS at industry events.

Paizo has openings for a Webstore Coordinator and a Technology Manager, the former to consider products and deal with suppliers, the latter to manage “internet operations strategy.”

MYMIC needs someone at the Pentagon with a Top Secret clearance to support war games and tabletop exercises.

SAIC needs two people to help with the “execution of analytic games, tabletop exercises, conferences, presentations, and reports,” one a Defense Policy Analyst with a current TS/SCI clearance, the other a part-time Student Intern.

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Would you like to be the primary person responsible for the Monopoly brand or help preserve games for museum archives or develop the digital version of a popular card game?

At Hasbro, the numerous open jobs include Senior Director of Global Marketing (“define and drive the global strategy for Family Gaming”), Design Manager (supervise technical design development efforts for a games category product line), and Product Designer (for “Phygital Games” combining physical and digital products). Subsidiary, Wizards of the Coast, is looking for, among others, a Director of Competitive Gaming and eSports for Magic: The Gathering, a Game Designer fluent in Japanese for Duel Masters, and a Principal Product Designer to oversee MtG R&D efforts and “develop strategic direction for block environments.”

Spin Master wants to hire a Public Relations Coordinator to manage outreach to press and a Senior Copywriter to author marketing materials.

Mattel has three Senior Designer positions open in the Boys Toy Box team for people with “a passion for action figures and/or game design.” Also positions for a Sr. Manager Digital Marketing and a Digital Producer.

ThinkFun is looking for a Product Manager and a Senior Product Manager to help organize the company’s projects, keep them moving forward, and manage quality.

Among the people that The Strong (National Museum of Play) is looking for are a Director of Conservation (to preserve games and toys in its collections), a Project Cataloger (to digitize and inventory games and puzzles), and a Teaching Host (to work with visiting school groups).

Ceaco (A.K.A. Gamewright) needs a Sales & Marketing Coordinator to assist with accounts, prepare marketing materials, and analyze sales data.

White Wizard Games (Star Realms) has an opening for a Digital Deckbuilder, that is, someone with experience in server-side apps and “a passion for card games.”

Thames & Kosmos needs a Purchasing & Planning Coordinator for analyzing sales data, managing inventories, and working with suppliers.

TOMY (Battroborg, Mr. Mouth) is recruiting for several positions: Brand Assistant, Digital Merchandising Manager, and Legal & Marketing Coordinator.

Toobeez (U.S. distributor of Funskool games from India) seeks a Junior Sales and Marketing Executive to help with social media, email marketing, and specialty retailer support.

The Toy Industry Association needs a Communications Specialist/Content Developer and a Director of Audience Relations. Both positions have a fair amount to do with New York Toy Fair.

Toyjobs is a specialty recruiter for the toy industry.

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ACD Distribution is looking to hire a Buyer in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Steve Jackson Games in Austin, Texas is recruiting for Webmaster, Marketing Designer, and Copywriter jobs.

The Creativity Hub needs a Senior Graphic Designer in Belfast.

The Strong and National Museum of Play has openings in Rochester, New York for a Special Events Manager, a Graphic Designer, a Public Relations and Marketing Associate, and a Public Programs Coordinator.

The Interactive Arts department of the Maryland Institute College of Art is accepting applications for a full-time, non-tenure track faculty position in Game Design.

Fantasy Flight Games is recruiting for a Product Line Marketing Coordinator, a Staff Accountant, and various retail and temporary positions in Roseville, Minnesota.

Spin Master wants someone to be Head of Licensing for Europe at their office in the U.K..

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Lego Recruiting Gamification Designer

LEGO_logo-710596Lego Group is looking for an experienced professional to fill the position of Senior Gamification Design Manager in Denmark. The responsibilities of the job include developing incentive strategies for MyLego, overseeing incentive development, and managing the incentive platform. The goal is to “tie together all digital LEGO experiences in meaningful ways which creates deeper consumer engagement and improved consumer life time value.”


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gamesworkshoplogo.jpgGames Workshop is in the process of rebranding its brick-and-mortar retail shops to “Warhammer” stores. It’s also expanding, opening new stores worldwide. A search of the website tells us to expect new U.S. Warhammer shops in:

  • Pooler, Georgia (Savannah area)
  • Boise, Idaho
  • Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Des Moines, Iowa
  • Portland, Maine
  • Albany, New York
  • Syracuse, New York
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Colleyville, Texas (Dallas-Ft. Worth area)
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Richmond, Virginia
  • Spokane, Washington
  • Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Madison, Wisconsin

Store manager jobs are available at each of these locations, as well as at an existing store in Columbia, Maryland, for $33,000 annual salaries plus bonus.

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Deloitte logoDeloitte is seeking to hire a game designer for government consulting work. The game designer will be part of a team at Deloitte that provides e-learning, simulations, and serious games.

Applicants are expected to have professional experience in game design, should be prepared to have responsibility for both overall game concept and production details, and will be required to obtain a security clearance. The position is located in Arlington, Virginia.

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logo-416236c53a62878c2cad206aec601534See the title of this article? Then you know that is looking for a developer that fluent in Node.js and Bootstrap.

They really didn’t post more info than that. If you’re interested you should hit up their contact page, or shoot a Geekmail to Ben through Board Game Geek.

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