paxeast2I always love visiting SFR‘s booth at PAX, as Dragon Dice is one of my favorite games. This year it was great seeing so many demos being played by people using the new two player starter set I reviewed earlier this year. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything new to see in the area of dice.

There was, however, a paper play mat hiding under one of their premium play mats. A paper mat that had a brand new design on it.

Dragon Dice New Mat

The new mat should go into production soon, and will be the 3rd design available to purchase.

After staying and talking for a bit, I found out that the 3.0 Dragon Dice rules are currently in the works, and we may be seeing an all black terrain die in the future, possibly with a reprint of the Undead.

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paxeast2Avoid the Void is a new game being Kickstarted by Geek Fever Games designed by Tim Mierzejewski. The game is a crazy sci-fi race to stay on the board, always avoiding the void and trying not to becoming a Void Beast.

I had a chance to sit and play the game, and had a blast with it. I always love a game where I can destroy half the board on the first turn. Each turn you’ll draw cards, play half your hand, rounding up, and the move. If at any point you run out of cards or can’t move, you’re out and become a Void Beast. Then you’ll draw a Void Beast card each time it’s your turn so you can wreak havoc on the players still in the game.

The rules are super simple, and the cards give you a lot of depth. They also produce some pretty crazy results.


The picture above is of the prototype for Avoid the Void, which was fully playable at the show. All those blue Void tiles? That was me, destroying the board on my first turn as I stated before. Through some lucky draws and card play, I came out the victor of this particular play.

The game is a lot of fun, especially when you’ve got a bunch of players at the table. A pledge of $5 will get you the print and play version of the game, while $25 will guarantee you a physical copy. There’s 16 days left in the campaign, so if it sounds like something you’d be interested then head over and help the campaign out!

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