If I understand the translation correctly, the Cambod’jeu 2014 project is raising funds to enhance toy and game libraries, and train librarians, at orphanages in Cambodia. C’mon, gamers! It’s not a zombie miniatures project but surely it’s worth your support.

Collins Epic Wargames’ Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front would take the company’s card-based war game system to the Russian side of the WWII. Though compatible with the first Spearpoint 1943 (as well as the Village and Defensive Line Map Expansion), the new game would expand on the original with varying levels of infantry and armor-crew experience.

Planet Wars is an unlicensed expansion to Hasbro’s Battleship Galaxies. The game appears to be focused on planetary invasions and ground combat.

Under license from Paizo, Fun to 11 is Kickstarting a dice game of arena combat among characters from the Pathfinder RPG, aptly named Pathfinder Dice Arena. The game will include 64 custom dice, as well as individual character playmats, a bunch of cards, and scoring pads.

Privateer is a pirate game. It’s got miniature ships, individualized captains, ship and crew development, a map of the Caribbean Sea, raiding of merchant ships, inter-player combat, doubloons, and wind-affected movement. What else is there?

Level 99 blends a variety of styles in its Argent: the Consortium project, a game about campaigning for election as the next chancellor of a university of magic. The central mechanic is worker-placement but the game also features lots of thematic detail and a fair amount of inter-player conflict. The workers in Argent are wizards, each with special powers. And the election is by vote of a secret consortium, the member of which are influenced by different factors, not revealed until the end of the game.

Manorhouse Workshop is crowdfunding some slick-looking modular, medieval buildings for war game terrain.

Warring Kingdom is a deck-building game, where card play is aimed at building persistent armies for player-on-player battles.

The core of 1A Games’ Cross Hares is a simple roll-and-move game, where the first one to the end of the path is the winner. But with heavy influence from modern adventure titles, Cross Hares also includes six unique and customizable characters, variable equipment, an assortment of story-enhancing event cards, and side-trek mini-games. The artwork on it is also beautiful! Unfortunately, the project page doesn’t provide any background. However, the images appear to be small, anthropomorphic, furry animals in either a post-apocalyptic or semi-industrial wilderness setting.

Cross Hares

Emu Ranchers is a set-collecting card game with double-suited cards and illustrations of cute emus.

Some really nice fantasy-style, metal  coins are available through the Rare Elements project. The coins are die-stuck with elements-themed images and artificially aged.

Larry Elmore is bringing back SnarfQuest, the old Dragon Magazine comic strip, in a 64 page, color graphic novel. Nostalgia alone had me contributing to this Kickstarter.

If you have a lot of money to spare and trust dramatic music over details, you might consider contributing to the $5 million goal of this live, international, treasure-hunt game.

Fifteen different story roleplaying games will make up The Protocol Game Series, though frankly I’d call them modules or playsets. They’ll use the same dice-free, card-based mechanics but address a wide variety of dramatic scenarios.

The minimum pledge to get a copy of Crash Games’ Where Art Though, Romeo? is only $1. But as the game is only 5 cards and instructions in a zip-top bag, I guess that makes sense. In terms of play, it’s supposed to be a Werewolf-like game of bluffing and deduction.

The producers of Pretty Ugly would like to break the fashion industry’s control over what is considered beautiful and they hope to start with a card game. Pretty Ugly sees players constantly re-adapting their appearance to meet an ideal that is randomly determined and constantly changing.

As a preliminary step to asking for help with a finished game, Rafat Sadowski is looking for $3,000 to produce a playtest document for his Infusion RPG. He describes the game as “fantasypunk”.

Even more audacious, Lamp Light Games is using Indiegogo to charge people for participating in its playtest group and for the privilege of pitching game designs.

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