A Fox Robin Hood and Mice in Space

I’m a sucker for creature minis.

Dark Sword has a new fox Robin Hood, red squirrel Will Scarlet, and Frothy UK Badger.

But this takes the cake, Reaper Miniatures’ Space Mouslings: Terror on Planet X:

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Bolt Action

Osprey Publishing and Warlord Games announced today that the two companies are working on a 28mm World War II miniature combat game. Bolt Action won’t see release until June 2012 but the companies described it as

“a fast, fun 28mm wargame that rewards tactical play, but doesn’t get bogged down with excessive tables and charts.”

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Aliens vs. Hillbillies

It Came From Beyond The Still is a miniatures skirmish game of defending your moonshine from alien invaders. I’d love to see figures for this.

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Project Description Required Raised Days Remaining
Giant Hollow Chocolate Meeples

Waffles and the World

Pretty self-descriptive, actually $1000 $242 22
Video Coverage of Essen

The Spiel

Podcasters want to go to Germany $6500 $2546 23
Fluffy Bunny Tea Party

Gizmet Gameworks

Family card game with kid’s theme $4400 $855 27

Sparky Firepants

Rummy-like set collection card game $8200 $1658 24
Solar Circuit Racing

Moon Monster Games

Sci-fi race board game $12000 $1800 56

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Dr. Scott Nicholson, board game champion, videocaster, and library studies expert, gave a keynote speech at the MIT Comparative Media Studies. You can listen here.

Gifts and Decorative Accessories promotes Furt. (source)

Planetizen promotes Ticket To Ride, Carcassonne, and Puerto Rico. (source)

The Chicago Tribune, talking about how board games do well in tough times, gives examples of Monopoly and The Settlers of Catan. The article pits Scott Alden of BGG, defending Settlers of Catan over Monopoly, and Phil Orbanes (author of The Game Makers: The Story of Parker Brothers), who believes that the lessons of Monopoly, namely direct competition and player elimination, are good ones. (source)

Mental Floss notes a board game invented by Mark Twain. (source)

The Oregon Outlook promotes the store Off the Charts Games in Gresham as it moves into Eurogame sales. (source)

Ecopreneurist promotes the KS project Green Economy Board Game. (source)

Life Hacker promoted the The Boardgame Remix Kit. (source)

The Argus Leader promotes Dabble, Pop the Pig, Connect 4 Launchers, Angry Birds board game, and Pass The Popcorn. (source)

Foreign Policy gives a decent short history of war games. (source)

The Duluth News Tribune promotes Dragon Port Games and Comics. (source)

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Project Description Required Raised Days Remaining
Sunrise City

Clever Mojo Games

A role selection, tile-laying, city-building board game $15000 $9493 26

Charles Kahle

Electronic aid for RPG GMs $10000 $50 34
Dark Nova

Dark Nova Games

24th Century Space Opera RPG $3650 $550 35
Alien Frontiers: Factions

Clever Mojo Games

Expansion to the previously successful KS game $15000 $20319 27

Jason Fordham

Euro-style dwarf mining themed card game $2000 $790 27
Tik Tok Woodman

Mayday Games

Tree themed Jenga like game $5000 $903 26
Du-Ko (relist)

Good Stewards Group

Colored plastic 3D Sukodu game $3479 $713 32
Quarter Bounce

John Hamelink

Art project game; bounce quarters in the boat, sink/win the boat $8000 $1655 8
Hellas: Wine Dark Void

Khepera Publishing

Hellas RPG expansion $4500 $1955 32
Planetary Defense Force

Planetary Defense Force

Humorous sci-fi LARP for kids $2900 $215 47
The Compound

The Zombie Conflict

Zombie LARP $48000 $0 56
Legend of the Cipher

Legend of the Cipher

Hip-hop themed TCG $14000 $0 28
Conspiracy Tactics

Altered World Studios

2 player abstract bluffing dice game $5000 $0 29

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Project Description Required Raised Days Remaining
Get Bit

Mayday Games

Blind play filler game with shark theme $1500 $5798 9
Divided Republic

Numbskull Games

Card-driven political board game about 1860 US elections $13000 $1243 35
The Ogg Board

Sam Lytle and Brock Bingham

Board and pieces for playing augmented reality games $45000 $295 40

Long Island Roleplayers

Long Island gaming convention $10000 $565 55
Board 2 Pieces Comics Compendium Vol.1&2

Ted Alspach

Collections of board game themed web comic strips $1356 $771 34
A Play on Words (relist)

Schaeffer Games

Yet another try for a chess game with literal pieces $800 $300 25
Green Economy

Green Business Owner

Financial and ecological themed board games $15000 $565 42

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Weekly Game Promotion Roundup

The Martha’s Vineyard Times promotes a local trivia board game about the Vineyard. (source)

Star City Gamers writes how some modern board and card games will pump up your Magic: the Gathering game. (source)

The Orlando Sentinal promotes Paul Miller and his game Commander-in-Chief. (source)

The Henderson, KY Gleaner promotes a new game shop Knight’s Comics and Games. (source)

On ABC’s new reality show Take the Money and Run, episode four (Who’s Gaming Who?) features a brief shot of a wall of Eurogames in some guy’s house. (source)

The Washington Post promotes Kickstarter games project Scurvy Dogs, and Eurogames in general. (source) Monica (the writer) contacted me for some quotes, but they didn’t end up in the article. I guessed that would be the case when she sounded disappointed at some of my answers (E.g. my response to “What makes a game successful in the mainstream market?” was that it was more a matter of luck, timing, and marketing than being an especially good game).

The Lewiston, ME Sun Journal promotes Euro games, including BGG, The Settlers of Catan, Settlers of America, Agricola, Fighting Formations, Puerto Rico, Pandemic, 7 Wonders, and Iron Horses. (source)

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Days of Wonder today reported that a conflict has been discovered between Memoir ’44 Online for Windows and AVG Anti-Virus software. According to Days of Wonder, AVG released an update to their software on Friday, August 26th 2011 which began to incorrectly identify Memoir ’44 Online for Windows as being infected with a Trojan malware named “Dropper.Generic4.AJES”.

Days of Wonder states that this is a false positive and the claims by AVG AV software are unfounded.

AVG acknowledges they have had similar issues in 2009 with the launcher software used by Memoir ’44 Online for Windows.

To temporarily bypass the issue, here are the instructions released by Days of Wonder:

– Open AVG by right-clicking on the AVG icon in the task bar (bottom right of your screen) and selecting “AVG User Interface”.
– Open the “Tools” menu -> “Advanced Settings”.
– Scroll down the list on the left until “Resident Shield”.
– Click on the “+” icon in front of it, and select “Excluded Items”.
– Click on the “Add Path” button, and select the “Memoir ’44 Online” folder. You’ll have to look for in in C:\Program Files\
– Click OK

Purple Pawn does not recommend making changes to your computer settings without carefully reviewing the possible impact this may have on your overall security.

For more information visit the Days of Wonder forum at:


Memoir ’44 Online is the online version of the Days of Wonder WWII board game, Memoir ’44.

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In memory of H.P. Lovecraft, who’s birthday was Saturday the 20th, DriveThruRPG is running a sale on select Cthulhu mythos titles.

The Board Game Reviews by Josh blog is trying to drum up followers by giving away games. The list includes Puerto Rico, Dominion, Nightfall, Munchkin, Talisman, and others.

On Amazon, get 25% off two International Playthings games.

John Poniske, the designer of MMP’s upcoming Lincoln’s War, will be giving away a copy of the game to the person who proposes the most advantageous strategy for a game turn.

The Angry DM is giving away D&D Neverwinter Fortune Cards to someone who can solve the puzzle that his players couldn’t.

Troll Lord Games is offering a Castles & Crusades hardcover combo deal. For $20 plus shipping, you can get the Players Handbook and Monsters and Treasure books, and the Shadows of the Halfling Hall adventure module.

At HasbroToyShop.com receive one free game (less than $10 value and their choice) with the purchase of select games priced at $14.99 or more.

Celebrating 20 years of publication, Reality Cheque is selling Tales From The Floating Vagabond for 50% off at DriveThruRPG.

The Yog-Sothoth podcast is also celebrating Lovecraft’s birthday with a postcard scenario competition. Prizes are being provided by Pelgrane Press.

For a caption contest, Obsidian Portal’s prizes include t-shirts and Ascendant memberships.

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