Modern board games are games created after 1900 or so, including early games such as Monopoly and Scrabble, to the latest games from Europe and around the world.

On Wednesday, The Strong in Rochester, New York announced its list of finalists for this year’s induction in to the National Toy Hall of Fame. The group includes four games, as well as a variety of toys, branded and generic:

  • American Girl dolls
  • chalk
  • Chutes & Ladders
  • Magic 8 Ball
  • Fisher-Price Corn Popper
  • Masters of the Universe
  • pinball
  • sled
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Tickle Me Elmo
  • Tudor Electric Football
  • Uno

Final inductees will be announced November 8th but through the 19th of this month, the public can contribute to the selection by voting online collectively one of the 23 member committee.

Among the previous 65 inductees are playing cards, jump rope, Dungeons & Dragons, Monopoly, Mr. Potato Head, roller skates, Barbie, and Scrabble.

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More Hot Jobs in Board Games

A few of the companies that I mentioned recently have posted additional openings.

Goliath Games in Plano, Texas is looking for a Product Coordinator, whose job it will be to help move new game projects through the process, including development and fabrication.

Southern Hobby Supply in Nashville, Tennessee has an opening for a Data Analyst with skills in Excel, ERP systems, and SQL.

With Brilliant PR there are opportunities for an Account Coordinator and Account Executive. Both require some experience pitching consumer products and both are remote work-at-home opportunities.

Forrest-Pruzan Creative in Seattle, Washington is recruiting for a Game Designer, a Senior Graphic Designer, and a Game Producer. The first will develop new game concepts. The second will design print components and packaging. And the last will oversee the whole team.

Contract recruiter Creative Circle also has an opening for a Graphic Designer for board game packaging in Seattle.

The newly combined Stronghold Games and Indie Game Studios is looking for a Director of Marketing and a Product Development Manager. Both positions are to be located in Indianapolis.

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Game Bandit

Game Bandit - Scouring the net to find the cheapest discount boardgames and best free boardgame prizesThe Today show is giving away five copies of Relative Insanity from Play Monster.

To save 20% in Rebel Minis Birthday Sale, use coupon code “Birthday1”.

Pending release of Black Powder Second Edition, order a starter army from Warlord Games and get a copy of the first edition Black Powder rules for free.

Brave Little Belgium is giving away Reinforce the Right, out of a Strategy & Tactics magazine.

Z-Man is giving away 10 sets of promo tiles for Number 9. Enter today with a photo of the game in play.

During the month of September, Osprey Publishing is discounting Vanguard, Air Vanguard, Weapon, and Aviation Elite Unit titles 20%.

Table of Ultimate Gaming is giving away a gaming table or table topper.

A bundle deal for GDW’s 2300 AD is available at Bundle of Holding. Get the first edition rulebook, supplements, and adventures in the Starter Collection for $16.95. Add second edition material with the Bonus Collection at $30.77.

Use code “ENDOFSUMMER” for 10-20% off orders of $75 or more at

Like and follow University Games on Twitter for a chance to win Jukem Football and Indoor Cornhole.

Jon Sawatsky will give away a Creature Codex from Kobold Press when he reaches 1,000 followers on Twitter.

Five Little Doves is giving away Paddington Spot the Difference and Paddington Sightseeing Adventures from University Games (UK).

Serenity You is giving away Frenetic from Accentuate Games (UK only).

Rolling Solo is giving away Set a Watch from Rock Manor Games.

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Illuminati, Steve Jackson’s 36 year old card game that satirizes conspiracy theories—and still sometimes inspires them!—is out in a second edition. While gameplay remains pretty much the same, the updated Illuminati features a variety of new cards, as well as new art by Lar deSouza.

In Illuminati, players build networks of organizations designed to control society. Cards represent the well-known and secret groups, artifacts, and intrigues popular with conspiracy theorists. The update replaces some from the cold war-focused first edition to better represent the internet age.

Orders direct from SJ Games’ Warehouse 23 come with a Fake News promo card.

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Gen Con 2018—AEG

Debuting at the show for AEG was War Chest ($50), a war-themed abstract strategy game with what they call a bag-building element. Like the quintessential game in this category, Chess, each type of piece moves and fights in a different way. But rather than trying to capture opposing pieces, the goal here is to control a set of board spaces. Also, the pieces themselves are Poker chips (nice heavy, solid ones too). An important part of the game is choosing which pieces to put in the bag, because only those drawn from the bag can be activated and moved on the board.

Hitting retail later this month will be Greedy Kingdoms ($25), a bluffing and resource collection game for AEG’s Big in Japan line. The goal in Greedy Kingdoms is to build palaces. Each turn, players select and reveal three of nine character cards simultaneously. Any that match are blocked. Those that aren’t produce resources, which can be used to build, buy upgrades, and even upgrade character cards.

Planned for an Essen release is Scorpius Freighter. This one’s about smuggling in a science-fiction setting and has players upgrading their ships, hiring crew, and taking on contracts. Moving one of the central ship pieces is what allows a player to do something with their own ship. But for each rotation that central ship makes, a cargo piece is added to its hold, and when that hold is full, the government will clamp down on smuggling and the game is over.

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This fall, Ares Games will begin shipping Tripods & Triplanes, an alternate-history miniatures game compatible with Wings of Glory. The game supposes an alien invasion of Earth during the waning days of World War I. The airplanes (same as those from Wings of Glory) are more agile but the alien mechs have powerful lasers. Starter sets will retail for $50.

Later this winter, Ares will launch Battlestar Galactica Starship Battles. Starter sets with two Colonial Vipers (painted for individual pilots) and two Cylon Raiders should retail for $50-60. Of course, additional ships, including Basestars and Battlestars will come later. For each ship, there’s also a small plastic “controller” to track altitude, kinetic energy, and speed. Space combat in this game includes momentum.

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Gen Con 2018—Iello

Highlights from Iello’s booth at Gen Con include Nessos and 8 Bit Box.

Nessos ($15, Q4) is a bluffing card game for up to six players with a Greek mythology theme. One player passes to the next a single card face down. If it’s a red creature card, they must correctly name the creature and card value. If it’s a green Charon card, though, they have to lie. The receiving player, then, has three choices (before looking). They can accept the card (and flip it over); they can return it (in which case, the first player flips it over); or they can pass it, along with a card of their own. The first player to 30 points is the winner but a player with three green cards is out.

8 Bit Box ($40, Q4) is something Iello is calling a “board game console.” Inspired by early video games, 8 Bit Box provides a set of “controllers” (dual cardboard dials) for use with a series of individual games. Included with the base box are the game modules Outspeed (a racing game), Pixoid (similar to Pac Man), and Stadium (team racing). There’s also room in there for seven additional games.

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Gen Con 2018—Gamewright

At Gen Con, Gamewright debuted Forbidden Sky ($40), a much-anticipated sequel to Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert. Also a cooperative game, Forbidden Sky is set on a platform floating in a storm. While the winds blow their pawns about, the players must construct a circuit to bring power from lightning rods to an escape rocket. The game is electrified, the circuit is real, and the rocket lights up when the players succeed.

Other recent additions to the Gamewright’s lineup include Sneaky Cards 2 ($10), with more actions to play on the street and with strangers, This Game Goes to Eleven ($15, Target exclusive), a family game of sticking others with your cards, and Trash Pandas ($13), a push-your-luck game, where the players are raccoons collecting scraps from garbage cans.

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Gen Con 2018—Dude Games

In October, Dude Games is coming out with Kids Magic Maze ($50), a fast-play cooperative game where the goal is to collect a set of potion ingredients but each player can move the game pawns only in one direction along the map-board paths.

Also in October, the company is shipping three versions of Penny Papers Adventures roll-and-write games ($20 each). All share essential mechanisms but with graduating difficulty levels from The Temple of Apikhabou to Skull Island to Valley of Wiraqocha.

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Game Bandit - Scouring the net to find the cheapest discount boardgames and best free boardgame prizesThe Humble Digital Tabletop Bundle features a number of derived-from-tabletop digital games, including Ticket to Ride, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Mysterium, Pathfinder Adventures, Carcassonne, and Talisman.

Save 50% on admission to the Chicago Toy & Game Fair via Groupon.

Tinkerbot Games is selling Ghostel for 20% off with free worldwide shipping this month. Use coupon code “PURPLE20” to get the discount and Purple Pawn will get a small bounty too!

Save 25% on Hasbro games at Target with promo code “HASBRO25”.

Board Game Exposure is giving away a pledge level for Eagle-Gryphon’s Infamous Kickstarter project.

Marco Arnaudo is giving away Raids from Iello.

In honor of Labor Day, all of Gypsy Knights Games’ Clement Sector products with character-building elements are 30% off at DriveThruRPG.

Also at DriveThruRPG, there’s a sale on d100 system products.

To save 15% on orders of $100 or more in Litko’s Labor Day Sale, use coupon code “LABOR2018”.

Through Tuesday, save 25% at Miniature Market on discontinued games Arcane Legions, Golem Arcana, and AT-43.

A bundle of 3E and 4E Eberron products at Dungeon Masters Guild is currently 53% off.

Bundle of Holding is offering a deal on the Beasts & Barbarians campaign setting for Savage Worlds.

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