Purple Pawn is a site about life, as seen through the prism of games.

Billions of people play games; not only video games or sports, but analog games: gambling, lotteries, selection games, dice games, board games, card games, vintage games, role-playing games, collectible card games, war games, miniatures, and many more. Games are ingrained in our lives so deeply that we sometimes overlook them.

Purple Pawn covers everything cool, sick, famous, infamous, down and dirty, up and coming, cultural, or just plain weird in the world of people and analog games: Chess in China, Poker in Vegas, celebrity game parties in Hollywood, Dominoes gang warfare in Jamaica, new game releases from Germany, RPG conventions in Ohio, or Settlers of Catan on YouTube. Where relevant, we stray into other types of games, recreations, or activities.


David A. Miller, Executive Editor (email, Twitter)

Thomas Deeny, Editor

Yehuda Berlinger, Founder, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus

We’re looking for more contributors and editors. For more information, email David.

Our Operating Procedures

Subjectivity: All news sites are subjective, if not in each actual article, then in the choice of which articles to cover. We make that explicit. We don’t simply repost press releases, and we don’t simply link out, unless the very act of linking out without a comment makes a comment (“New Twilight board game? ‘Nuff said.”)

Quality:  We don’t ramble on about that which is self-evident in a word or a paragraph or two. We don’t write to fill any article length quotas, and we don’t waste your time.  If you want to know more, you can always follow up by clicking through to the source. However, we post longer items, such as reviews and industry surveys, when we feel like mixing things up.

Breadth: We cover hundreds or thousands of games each year; we haven’t played them all. Sometimes our comments indicate what we think the game will be like based on a first glance at the box, ad copy, or rules (often, we’re more interested in what the existence of the game says about, or how the game is positioned within, the game industry than in the game itself). If you don’t like our snarky comments, or you feel that we should review your game in depth because the game is deeper than it looks, feel free to send us a complimentary review copy.

Code of Ethics: We follow a code of ethics, and endeavor to adhere to traditional journalistic integrity. However, unlike traditional push-only journalism (e.g. newspaper and television), the comments area provides immediate feedback to our posts. We are occasionally wrong about a fact; we will correct (via annotation) any errors as soon they are made known to us and the information is verified.

Copyrights: We believe that all picture, trademarks, and videos used on this site are either in the public domain, released under creative commons, or are fair use for journalistic and commentary purposes. If you feel that we have misused one of your copyrights or trademarks, please contact us.


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Comment Policy

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  • Your assessment of the situation, even if you disagree. We appreciate a diversity of opinions.
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However, keep the discussion civil, appropriate for a family-friendly forum, and respectful of our business. Do not:

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