Second Look—Poop: The Game

Second Look - Boardgame reviews in depth. Check out that cat.Arriving on my doorstep in a brown paper bag, Poop the Game was gently wrapped in a bit of toilet paper inside. This is how the game is shipped, and it’s just part of the experience of the little card game by Blaise Sewell. Along with the paper bag came a brief history of the game via email.

I’d love to share some of the POOP: The Game history! Back in 2013, my son Emery, who was 6 at the time, was my playmate and inspired so many of my games. My newborn daughter, Sienna, and I would walk him home from school and he’d create new games for us every day to turn our walk into an adventure. Somewhere along the way we got fixated on making a game about poop. I put together some simple designs for it so we could print out the cards and start testing concepts. We played until it was perfect and met the demands we set out for in a poop game: it had toilet clogging, it had flushing, it was silly but not gross, and anyone can play it.

I wrote an ESSAY around that time to describe my process of generating concepts for games. Everything fell into place for POOP very quickly, which is always a good sign, so I decided I would release it asap. The KICKSTARTER rocked out and then I’ve been taking it on the road ever since.

Poop plays very simply. Players play numbered cards from their hand to the current toilet. The goal is to get rid of your entire hand without clogging the toilet by forcing the pile to add up to, or over, the number on the toilet. Do that and you take the pile and draw a new toilet. Of course that’s not all. You can flush the toilet by getting 3 of the same color cards in a row. This gets rid of the current stack, and forces all other players to draw a card. There’s also wild cards, reverse cards, and skip cards. You need to manage your hand to make sure you’re the first one who finishes pooping.

It’s a kids’ game, and my kids love it. There’s nothing like poop jokes to get the kids in an uncontrollable state. Add in the noises and gestures the wild cards make you perform and you’ve got a winning combination for the younger ones. Poop also claims to be a drinking game for adults, but I haven’t had a chance to give it a shot with a few shots yet.

Now I should mention that the Poop in a Bag I recived on my front door isn’t actually out yet. Blaise is currently running a Kickstarter project to fund the paper bag shipping, along with 2 new versions of the game: Caca El Juego and the Public Restroom Edition. Multiple editions of Poop can be combined to add more players and zany action.

It’s not a deep game, or very meaty, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun with younger kids. Poop and the Party Pooper Edition have a permanent living spot in my bag now, as we take it pretty much anywhere we go so the kids can play.

A copy of Poop and the Party Pooper Edition were provided free for review by Feels Right Design.

Awesome Kingdom: Tower of Hateskull

IDW00898Sometimes games catch my eye simply by their amazing titles. Awesome Kingdom: Tower of Hateskull is one such game. Created by Kevin Wilson, designer of Descent and Arkham Horror, each player takes control of a member from a band of heroes trying to earn riches. The game is described as an over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek dungeon crawl card game. Between the name, the art, and brief description, I’m all in.

Awesome Kingdom: Tower of Hateskull hits shelves on July 31st, and will retail for $29.99.

It supports 2-4 players and plays in 30-45 minutes.

I’m sure it’ll be awesome.



Abracada…What? is a family game of deduction and spell casting… But watch out! Say the wrong magic words too many times and the only thing you’ll be spelling is trouble!

In Harry Potter, we all know that saying a spell wrong means disaster. The case is just similar in Abracada…What?, a deduction and memory race in which players take on the roles of witches and wizards who compete to reach the top of a magic tower. When it starts, each player has 5 spellstone tiles in front of them, but the trick is that the faces of these tiles are facing the opponents, i.e. not visible to the owner. A number on each tile marks the total amount of copies of that type of spell. On a turn, player attempts to cast a spell from his or her own set of tiles; if successful, the special effect of the named tile will take place, otherwise the player loses 1 life. Since some tiles are kept invisible from everyone, it really takes careful calculation and a bit of luck to avoid “Avada Kedavra”.

Abracada…What? plays 2 to 5 players in about 30 minutes. It is expected to be released in Q2 2015, with an MSRP of $34.99. has just launched today. This isn’t a Print on Demand service, but a full-fledged board game manufacturer based out of Hong Kong. What’s great is that all prices are up-front. You pick your materials, quantities, and get a price based on what you’ve chosen. No quotes, no turn around times. A summary of part pricing can be found right on their Prices page.

I’ve reached out to them to obtain some print samples to see the quality of their work, and will report back if they decide to send any!

Skitarii Engines

Supporting Adeptus Mechanicus, the new Skitarii army for Warhammer 40K, Games Workshop releases this weekend an Onager Dunecrawler and Plasma Obliterator.

Skitarii Onager Dunecrawler

Skitarii Plasma Obliterator

Pathfinder Unchained

Pathfinder UnchainedThe newest roleplaying book from Paizo, Pathfinder Unchained, represents something of a departure for the game, the publisher, and the typical supplement. It’s the result of the company allowing its designers to “do what they want” with Pathfinder, unrestricted by backwards compatibility.

Pathfinder Unchained includes four entirely new versions of the barbarian, monk, rogue, and summoner classes; variant rules for multiclassing, alignment, and wounds; a simplified monster creation process; an alternative, stamina-powered combat system; and more. The book will retail for $40 in print, $10 as a PDF.

d20 Soap

d20 SoapAn 8 oz. goats-milk soap in the shape of a 20-sided die. For $10, the d20 soap is available from Fizzy Fairy Apothecary via Etsy in more than 50 scents, including Sea Spray, Magic Potion, Dark Graveyard, and Iron Man.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Bogota the weekend of April 18 – 19, The Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series returns to South America with YCS Bogota. This is a premier-level event, and looks to bring players together from all over the Americas. The first place winner will receive an Ultra Rare version of the latest most sought-after prize card: Ascension Sky Dragon – one of the rarest Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG cards in existence!

The full prize info is as follows:

  • 1st place – Ultra Rare Ascension Sky Dragon YCS Prize Card; Trophy; Paid travel to their World Championship Qualifier (if underage, then winner and guardian); YCS Top Cut Game Mat; PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system; and an invite to their 2015 World Championship Qualifier tournament
  • 2nd place – Super Rare Ascension Sky Dragon YCS Prize Card; 32 GB Tablet PC; YCS Top Cut Game Mat; and an invite to their 2015 World Championship Qualifier
  • 3rd place – Super Rare Ascension Sky Dragon YCS Prize Card; Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft; YCS Top Cut Game Mat; and an invite to their 2015 World Championship Qualifier
  • 4th place – Xbox One system; YCS Top Cut Game Mat; and an invite to their 2015 World Championship Qualifier
  • 5th – 8th place – Nintendo 3DS XL system; Download code of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL World Duel Carnival; YCS Top Cut Game Mat and an invite to their 2015 World Championship Qualifier
  • 9th – 16th place – 24 booster packs of Secrets of Eternity; YCS Top Cut Game Mat; and an invite to their 2015 World Championship Qualifier

Takara-Tomy Announced Beyblade Burst

xbeybladeburst_4beyblades.jpg.pagespeed.ic.TUDHGJ3FlzI’ve been out of the Beyblade scene for a while now. Hasbro’s lackluster Legends line and several failed side-products really made me and the kids lose interest. We’d just about put everything Beyblade behind us when we found out on the WBO that Takara-Tomy is launching a new line of the spinning tops in Japan that will release in July. The new line, called Beyblade Burst, revolves around 3 piece Beys that can be broken apart in the arena by a stronger Bey.

Of course there will be a new stadium, new launchers, and even something called the BeyCloud System. A BeyLogger can be hooked up to a mobile phone to track your wins/losses and rank you in the BeyCloud System.

There’s no word of a US release yet.

You can see more pictures and get a bit more information from World Beyblade Organization (not affiliated with Takara-Tomy.)

Kickstarter Preview—Norsaga

Norsaga is a puzzle-battle game where you’re trying to construct a family tree of heroes to prove you’ve completed a legendary feat. You do this by pairing heroes together throughout the tree to earn inheritance tokens to to match the ones on your Saga. Each hero provides a dominant trait, and the possibility of a recessive trait. You can only use the dominant trait of one of your coupled heroes, but if you match the recessive trait on both, you can snag that one too.

If course it would be too easy to just plop down heroes until you’ve got what you need. That’s were embellishments, ghosts, and poetic skalds. Each let you take special actions, disrupt your oppontents’ family trees, and gain access to powerful abilities. You can get more of a feel for the game by reading the rulebook, or trying the online demo.

Meromorph Games sent me a prototype of the game to try out. I got the deck of cards, but needed to provide tokens and such myself. I’ve had a chance to sit down and play with both my 5-year-old and 9-year old, both who really liked the game. The art on the cards, the simplicity of learning/playing the game, and the quick play time all were contributing factors in the boys’ enjoyment of the game. Before you know it they were planning use of their embellishments and tossing ghosts around like nobody’s business. My little guy needed a bit of help at first, but quickly got the hang of things, and even pulled a victory of his own by the time we were done playing a few games.

Norsaga is almost funded, and you can get in on a copy of the game for only $20. Not a bad deal for such a fun game, in my opinion. This is one you really shouldn’t pass up.

A preview prototype of Norsaga was provided free for review my Meromorph Games.

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