mittel10Passport Game Studios has just announced the North American release dates for both Yunnan and Hansa Teutonica. The games are coming stateside thanks to Passport’s partner, Argentum Verlag. Both games will be released on April 10th.

This will be the first time Yunnan has been available in North America, and the first time in several years Hansa Teutonica has been available.

Expansions for both games are expected in June, but there’s no solid date yet.

7 Wonders: Duel


After the release of the Babel expansion in 2014, another new twist is coming to the much sought-after world of 7 Wonders – Duel. Designed for 2 players only, it infuses certain elements from traditional solitaire card games that the available cards will be arranged in a pyramid layout, and only cards that are not blocked by the others could be taken. When a player collects two identical science symbols on the cards, tokens that grant bonus effects are awarded. To win the game, players can choose to achieve military victory, scientific dominance or the most VP.

7 Wonders: Duel has an approximate play time of 20 minutes, and is expected to be released in October 2015.

Domino Etch A Sketch

Not available in stores…

Pokémon TCG: XY Roaring Skies Updated Look

I just received some card previews for the upcoming Roaring Skies set of the Pokémon TCG. Below you’ll find Rayquaza-EX, Mega Rayquaza-EX, and Double Dragon Energy.

Open Board GameGame development company Thinker Thing is in the process of developing a full community of free downloadable plans for 3-D printing your own board game. The open source project, called Open Board Game, is designed to allow both creators and players participate in the process. With the framework, creators will be able to upload the models to the website and players will be able to download them to make physical pieces on a 3-D printer.

According to 3DPrint, the framework is a set of components, like interlocking board tiles, mini figs, cards, dice, and even electronic elements, all of which can be printed at home using a 3-D printer.

Currently, the website features free 3-D printer download models for two games; Miomon, which is a monster-capture card game similar to Pokémon, and Rust to Dust, which is an advance wars type strategy game. Rust to Dust is in its first playable state and Miomon is still in the early concept stage.

The idea, however, is to have the public create their own games and publish the models to the website so that others can print-and-play for free. We aren’t talking about a PDF of a card game, either. These are detailed 3-D game pieces, stuff you’ll have to keep in a box.

If you don’t have your own 3-D printer at home, the Open Board Game website recommends a few websites that will print your products for you, like Maker Space, FabLabs, and 3D Hubs. Or, you can ask your local library if a 3-D printer is available to the public.

If this takes off, 3-D printed board games could be the next big thing in the industry.

Descent 2nd Edition—Bonds of the Wild

dj31_sampleFantasy Flight Games has announced Bonds of the Wild, a new Hero and Monster Collection for Descent: Journeys in The Dark Second Edition. Four new heroes are included in the 22 plastic figures included in the expansion, and a ton of new goodies for the overlord.

Call your companions and prepare to begin your quest! Terrinoth needs you to find a branch from the Tree of Life, and the overlord’s monsters rush to oppose your quest. Can you harness the magic of Challara and Brightblaze to triumph, or will hordes of kobolds overwhelm your defenses?

Release is Q3 of 2015, with no set price in place yet.

Homebrew Halo Miniature Skirmish Game


The rules are extremely simple, require no book keeping, and are fast paced. All you need are some paper minis, some kind of terrain, and a d6.

I recommend reading the article he posted, as it has all the details, and is fairly humorous.

Crowdfunding Highlights

Among NoblesIn the lead position this week is a game that despite hitting my pet peeves—chaotic, an “intentionally vague ruleset,” and that annoying exclamation point—still somehow manages to sound interesting. Mr. Game! appears to be the kind of game where the winning player changes rapidly and is pretty much selected at random. There must be something subliminal hidden in the video.

Among Nobles, though, makes a more direct play for my interest. It’s a game of political intrigue and military conquest in feudal Europe. Military conquest is abstracted at a high level. But more interestingly, political intrigue in the game is focused on the arrangement of marriages between noble houses. When cards representing royal husbands and wives are brought together, the number of actions available to the owning player multiply.

Updating to the Fate Core rule set is the Bulldogs roleplaying game. [Oh, wait a minute. It’s got one of those pesky exclamation points too, so…] Bulldogs! is for high-action science fiction adventure in space. But not for some sissy fantasy version of science fiction. Rather for adventure in a rough-and-tumble, save-your-own-hide version of space.

College of WizardryIn Poland, a team is planning to rent out Czocha Castle for a series of 4 day LARPs about a College of Wizardry. Each event can accommodate about 130 people. Though a variety of lower-priced pledge levels are available, tickets start at $375. Or for $75,000, the organizers will run a private LARP just for you and your friends.

Puca Trade is seeking support for extending its service to Magic: The Gathering Online. With $50,000 to finance further development work, Puca Trade also promises that users of its service will even be able to trade physical cards for digital ones.

Best Treehouse Ever has players, of course, competing to build the better treehouse. The game incorporates card drafting and spacial reasoning, in that the rooms to be built an a treehouse are featured on individual cards, and when built must be added in balance (to prevent the house from falling down).

OK! This was my first time trying this out, and my mic volume was WAY too low. At least you can still see the cards from each deck, and get a good look at each one as I go through them. I plan on doing some more of these in the future on my Twitch channel, and will make sure the sound is working correctly.

The real meat of the video starts around the 5 minute mark, so you may want to jump ahead to there.

EDIT: I’ve removed the Twitch player and switched the video over to YouTube because I couldn’t get the previous to stop auto-playing.

Gen Con logoGen Con LLC, the parent company of the Gen Con gaming convention, published a public letter to Indiana Governor Mike Pence stating their opposition to SB 101. A similar Indiana House bill, passed by 63 of the state’s Republican senators (five Republicans and 26 Democrats voting against), would give legal protection to business owners to refuse service to same-sex couples on religious grounds. The House bill is expected to concur with the already-approved Senate bill later this week before going to Governor Pence, who says he will sign it.

In the letter to the governor, Adrian Swartout, the CEO and owner of Gen Con LLC, said that signing SB 101 into law will “factor into our decision-making on hosting the convention in the state of Indiana in future years.” Last year, Gen Con extended their contract with Visit Indy through 2020.

The gaming convention is the largest convention held in Indianapolis, with more than 56,500 attendees, bringing $47 million to the local economy in 2013, “more than $50 million” in 2014. Citing the diversity of the show’s attendees, Swartout asks the governor to reconsider his support of SB101 as the bill “could allow for refusal of service or discrimination against our attendees [which will] have a direct negative impact on the state’s economy”.

UPDATE: has published a statement from Gov. Pence’s office. A spokesperson said, “The Governor has been clear on where he stands on this issue and we don’t have anything to add at this time.”

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