MTG AOP Shadows Over Innistrad (package)Hasbro’s PR company just sent out a new release with two high-res images of Arena of the Planeswalkers: Shadows Over Innistrad along with the contents of the set:

  • 5 Planeswalker figures
  • 4 Hero Figures
  • 15 Squad Figures
  • 4 dual-sided cardboard terrain boards
  • 2 Glyphs
  • 20 Damage Markers
  • 20-sided die
  • 8 combat dice
  • 13 Army cards
  • 48 Spell Cards
  • turn marker
  • 8 counters
  • 6 1-Hex Sand Tiles
  • 3 twisted relic terrain pieces
  • 2-hex Sand Tiles.

The new base set will hit in Fall 2016 for $29.99 at most major retailers, hobby stores, and on

MTG AOP Shadows Over Innistrad Game

Dicetiny Full Steam Release


Dicetiny is currently out of Early Release on Steam, and is considered released in full for $14.99. The game is a mash up of paraody and memes set in the fictional world of Middle Board. It’s a cross between a roll-and-move game and a deck builder. Each step along your quest you battle crazy opponents using a deck you’ve constructed as you try to position yourself on the board using the roll of the die.

It took me a bit to get used to, but turned out to be quite entertaining.

You can chcekout more about the game on Fakedice’s site, and can snag the game now on Steam.

Game Bandit - Scouring the net to find the cheapest discount boardgames and best free boardgame prizesMore than 25,000 products are going for 25% off in DriveThruRPG’s Christmas in July Sale. Sister-site Wargame Vault has a similar Summer Campaign Sale with another 3,700 items also at 25% off.

This week’s Bundle of Holding deals feature the acclaimed but mature Lamentations of the Flame Princess (starting at $13) and Pellgrane Press’ DramaSytem-based Hillfolk (starting at $8).

Accessory retailer, Top Shelf Gamer, is going to give away $100 of goods when its Facebook page reaches 500 likes.

On the occasion of hitting 2,000 likes, is doing a Mega Colossal Giveaway—nine different games, dice, posters, and dice towers.

To clear out some of its older titles, Avalanche Press is offering ten of them at major discounts, some in excess of 50%. The Gold Club member discount of 20% can be had in addition.

Paizo’s web store, also hoping to clear out some old products from the company’s warehouse, has opened up a new Golem Clearance section, and it really does have some old stuff. I see there’s even a bunch of TSR books in there.


Amazon deals:

Spartan Games is running a miniatures painting contest with Halo game prizes in a variety of categories.

Deposits with Geek Chic by August 31st qualify for a free game accessory held snug with the company’s new silicone bands.

The Toys “R” Us Mega Webisale ends in a couple of hours but games in the Clearance Blast should persist a little longer.

Dog Might Games’ Dog Days of Summer Sale means 25% off everything, except Dragon Sheaths. On the other hand, the company is giving away three Dragon Sheaths, each filled with a set of metal dice from Easy Roller Dice.

There’s a Humble Book Bundle featuring puzzles, mazes, and games.

Flying Pig Games is selling Night of Man direct for 30% off.

Target Exclusive Edition of King of Tokyo

KOT_Target_FlatCoverSince we’re talking about Target exclusive games, let’s not forget about the exclusive King of Tokyo edition coming to Target on July 31st.

This edition replaces Gigazaur with Baby Gigazaur. As you can see, it’s extremely cute.

Other than a monster swap, this is the same King of Tokyo 2016 that we’ve previously posted about.

MSRP will be the same.

oregon trailPressman Games is releasing The Oregon Trail Card Game as a Target exclusive next week, but like Codenames Deep Undercover, Ticket to Ride First Journey, and Machi Koro: Bright Lights, Big City, the game has been showing up on shelves in some stores. The Oregon Trail, based on the video game, contains a laminated card where you can list the names of the members of your party and a card where you can transfer them to the tombstones when they invariably die on the journey. Fix a broken wagon wheel, obtain 200 pounds of rabbit meat, and try to ford a river by discarding sorely-needed supply cards or hope you roll well on a die or everyone in the party will DIE.

Codenames Deep Undercover is described as an “Adults-only” version of Codenames, geared towards the Cards Against Humanity crowd (with agent names like “Motorboat”, “Keg”, and “Commando”). Ticket to Ride First Journey appears to be a kids-friendly version of the popular rummy variant.

According to images posted on imgur, Codenames Deep Undercover retails for $19.99 and the new Machi Koro retails for $29.99.

Image from reddit user dwboso. Full gallery of The Oregon Trail images can be found on imgur.

Retail Games

Knight Moves Board Game CafeKnight Moves board game cafe of Brookline, Massachusetts opened a second location in Sommerville, serving coffee, tea, Nutella shakes, paninis, and cheese plates.

Boards & Brews is a board game coffee shop that just opened in Douglas, Isle of Man with the dual mission of bringing people together and providing employment opportunities for people with autism.

Newly opened in Barrie, Ontario, Perplexcity serves as board game cafe and host to four different escape rooms.

Board Game Republic is a new game cafe and bar in Denver.

Laura Briggs and husband are raising money on Kickstarter to open Jack Straws as Belfast’s first board game cafe.

Logo_AsmodéeAsmodee Group is in the process of acquiring yet another game publisher, F2Z Entertainment, including the latter’s design studios, Z-Man, Plaid Hat Games, and Filosofia. Terms were not revealed but closing was said to be expected “in the coming months.”

Interestingly, the deal will unite two leading titles of the board game resurgence, Catan and Carcassonne, under one publisher (for English and French, at least).


Game Bandit

Game Bandit - Scouring the net to find the cheapest discount boardgames and best free boardgame prizesMonte Cook Games has its Ennie Awards-nominated products up for sale.

Reviews counts for entries in Evil Hat’s giveaway sweepstakes. Four winners each get to choose four products.

Victory Point Games’ 10% off Summer Sale ends tomorrow.

Crowdfunding Highlights

I wonder how many modular-board scenario-based standalone miniature battle games do we really need? If you said, “Just one more, as long as it’s got Bruce Campbell in it,” you’ll be happy to hear about the Evil Dead 2 miniature boardgame that was recently launched. Does it hit all the notes? Early Bird Special that’s already gone: check. Three dozen plus miniatures: check. First ever KS by a company you’ve never heard of before (Space Goat): check. $100+ price tag: che– what? The “deluxe” edition is only $80? Huh. Come get some.

Cryptozoic Entertainment is releasing The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary which is a modular-board scenario-based standalone miniature battle game. Early Bird Special gone: check. Three dozen plus miniatures (68): check. First ever game: nope, it’s Cryptozoic, who has done lots of stuff. $100+ price tag: check — $125. Anyway, this one looks like it has better graphic design than Evil Dead 2. Get your argument battle simulator here.

darknesssabotageMeanwhile in space, Dethrone Games has Darkness Sabotage, a modular-board scenario-based standalone miniature battle game where you’re space pirates fighting demons instead of zombies (not that anyone would call them “zombies”). Early Bird gone: what? Five slots left? Scads of minis: check (46). First ever: kinda — they had another modular-board scenario based standalone miniature battle game that was cancelled. $100+ price tag: It’s right there at $127 CAD. Get your Event Horizon/DOOM/Space Hulk hybrid.

Back in World War 2, Draco Ideas presents 2GM Tactics, a modular-board scenario-based standalone card and token battle game. Set in the European Theater of Operations, this game uses cards and tokens instead of fifteen pounds of plastic to represent the units. Run ’em! Early Bird Pricing All Gone: check. Tons of minis: well, cards and tokens. First Ever Game: nope! $100+ price tag: only $83! Bust some Nazis.


not cahPeople Vs. Politics is Cards Against Humanity, but with forcing uncomfortable political discussions into your circle of friends. “Some people feel our game is offensive and racist. While some of the topics touch on these issues the overall goal is to create dialogue…” with such discussion-starters as “a bigger, blacker Washington Monument”, “going to college for free because you’re 1/18th Indian”, and “anchor babies”. It’s like finding out how racist your uncle is on facebook, but in person.

Last week: Did Pick Your Poison make it? We were looking forward to this Would You Rather… game making it, but nope — it passed 20% of the funding goal before ending.

Kickstarter Preview—Roots of Mali

f2040c26768c0aa165b6692452caa39d_originalRoots of Mali is a new, abstract strategy game from SunCoreGames that’s hitting Kickstarter tomorrow. It’s a stand alone game that follows in the footsteps of the company’s earlier game, Light of Dragons (which I just reviewed on my personal site).

I received a prototype in the mail a couple of weeks back, and have had some time to play it, and compare it to Light of Dragons. The rules to both games are identical, but the tribes in each game play drastically different. While the tribe included in Light of Dragons hits hard and plays fast, the tribe in Roots of Mali is slower, requiring a bit more thought, build up, and placement.

The goal of Roots of Mail is to earn 10 Might Points. You do this by attacking your opponent’s dice. Defeat a level 4 creature, get 4 Might Points. Do so in one of the 3 rows on your opponent’s side of the board for +1/+2/+3 bonus points, depending on how close to their side of the board you are. Creatures can only attack creatures that have a lower value, with the exception being that level 3 creatures can also attack level 6 creatures. Creature powers and spells include creatures that can’t be exiled, creatures that spawn weaker creatures in their wake, creatures that can build up power to level up other creatures, and more.

I’m not sure which tribe I like better, the one in Light of Dragons or this new tribe getting ready to Kickstart. I certainly like playing the two against each other, making both boxed sets a must have if you’re interested in the series. Both games have amazing art and an overall top-notch production.

Once the project launches, around $40 will secure you a set if it’s funded. You can also snag Light of Dragons now for $40 on SunCoreGame’s site.

A copy of Roots of Mali was provided by SunCoreGames for this preview.

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