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Fabiano Caruana killed it at the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis. The six contestants represented the highest rated field ever in a Chess tournament, yet Caruana still won 7 out his 10 games, and tied in the remaining three. Caruana fished first with 8.5 points, 3 points ahead of World Champion Magnus Carlsen.

As has been the tradition since 1948, the Moscow Blitz Chess Championship was held outdoors, where the winner in the open section by a significant margin was Alexander Morozevich: 15.5 points in 19 rounds.

With a first place finish at the 6th stage in Sharjah, UAE, Hou Yifan won the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix Series and claimed a place at the Women’s World Championship to be held later in 2015.

With both challenger, Viswanathan Anand, and champion, Magnus Carlsen, having now signed their contracts, the World Chess Championship will take place November 7-27 in Sochi, Russia.


Alexander Shvartsman won the 40th annual International Mori Open in Italy.

Sergio Scarpetta of Italy was crowned Go-As-You-Please (GAYP) World Champion. after defeating the champion of two decades, Ron King of Barbados.

Magic: The Gathering

Veteran player but first-time victor, Brandon Nelson won Grand Prix Salt Lake City with a blue/white deck, qualifying for Pro Tour Fate Reforged.


At the First World Xiangqi Open team event, first place went to China and second to Vietnam.

Games Workshop is bringing back Space Hulk, the company’s Warhammer 40,000 board game. Like the last time, this is supposed to be a limited edition. And in fact, the product will be almost exactly like it was the last time, with the same number of miniatures and other components, only with two more scenarios.

Space Hulk preorders will ship September 20th. Retail price: £75/$125.

Space Hulk 2014

Real Cones of Dunshire

Parks and RecreationA game that started out as the ramblings of a television character is now set to be produced by Mayfair Games. The company is planning to publish Cones of Dunshire, which first appeared as the invention of Ben Wyatt (played by Adam Scott) on NBC’s Parks and Recreation.

At Gen Con last month, Mayfair ran a life-sized Cones of Dunshire charity event. The enthusiastic response has convinced Mayfair to develop the game in to an actual retail product. The company’s plans include crowdfunding a super-deluxe version, followed by the release of a standard version.

[via Entrepreneur]

Kickstarter Preview—Hogger Logger

What do you get when you put a pig in a lumberjack outfit?

Well you get a hogger logger, but that has very little to do with Hogger Logger, the card game.

Hogger Logger is a fast-paced game of high and low. A card is placed face up with several face down cards below it. Each turn a player must choose a face down card and guess if it is higher or lower than the face up card. If they’re correct, they guess again. If they’re wrong, play moves to the next player. The player that guesses the last face down card wins the round.

Simple, right?

Well you’ve also got a hand of cards you can play from to change to the value of the face up card. You can also earn action cards that let you bend the rules in various ways.

Here’s a video of some dudes playing the game for the first time:

I’ve got to say the game is pretty fun, if not a bit simple. It was easy enough for my 4 year old to play with us, and the kids really got into the whole guessing/playing cards/guessing aspect of the game.

The pig in the lumberjack outfit didn’t hurt either.

Seriously, though. $14 gets you a copy of the game, and you’re guaranteed one now since the game is fully funded. While it’s not for the most die-hard games, it’s a fun game for the family to play without too much of a time commitment to both play and learn.

A preview copy of Hogger Logger was provided by Hogger Logger for review.

My Little Pony CCG: The Crystal Games Theme Deck

ENTMLPCCG3574>Do my eyes decieve me? No, they don’t! A MLP:CCG theme deck featuring everyone’s favorite, bumbling pony, Derpy Hooves! (Of course this is only the fan name. Her name was mentioned once in a single episode, and that episode soon had it edited out.) The other Mane Characters in the deck are Spike, the CMC’s, Cadance, and Shining Armor.

The theme deck deals with both the Equestria Games and the events of the Crystal Empire.

They sold me on Derpy. The rest is just icing on the cake. This is one theme deck I’m snagging as soon as it comes out.

Upcoming RPGs

Some new roleplaying games were announced recently…

Mutant Year ZeroModiphius Entertainment is bringing back Mutant Year Zero, a post-apocalyptic RPG out of Sweden that was the precursor to Mutant Chronicles. The game, scheduled for release in December, focuses on heavily mutated humans living in an isolated settlement known as The Ark.

The Ark, your home in the dawnworld. A nest of intrigue and Lord of the Flies-style power struggles, it’s far from a safe haven. But it’s the only home you know, and just maybe the cradle of a new civilization. The game rules let you improve and develop the Ark in the areas of Warfare, Food Supply, Technology, and Culture. It is up to you, the players, to decide which projects to embark on.

Working with Matt Forbeck, Outland Entertainment is developing the author’s Shotguns & Sorcery novels in to a roleplaying game and series of enhanced ebooks. Shotguns & Sorcery is described as “fantasy noir”—detective stories set in a dark fantasy world. Outland plans to launch a Kickstarter for the project in October, with the goal of delivering the game in time for Gen Con 2015. Outland also indicates that Matt will be writing a majority of the game book.

From Fantasy Flight Games is coming The End of the World, a series of four independent but compatible games all built on apocalyptic themes but each with a different threat. In order of release, the four games are Zombie Apocalypse, Wrath of the Gods, Alien Invasion, and Revolt of the Machines.

As interesting as that sounds, what really looks to set The End of the World apart is the fact that players in the game will have themselves as characters. Players will be asked to rate their own physical, mental, and social attributes, describe their own positive and negative traits, and identify in-game equipment based on what’s immediately around them in the real world [you know I'll be showing up to game night with MREs and a sword].

The End of the World


Chess Game Overhead ViewOctober 3rd, when two Poker and Chess events sponsored by PokerStars overlap in the Isle of Man, the organizers are planning a joint contest—a Chess-Poker tournament. The evening will begin with a 5-round Swiss blitz Chess match, followed by no-limit Hold’em Poker. Players will start the Poker section with 8,000 chips, plus another 1,000 chips for each Chess win and 500 for each Chess draw.

The End Times for Warhammer

Nagash WarhammerMajor changes are underway in the world of Warhammer. Whether it leads to a new rules edition or simply a new storyline, what Games Workshop is calling “The End Times” has launched with the return of Nagash, the Great Necromancer.

Nagash himself is a multi-part plastic kit selling for $105, plus of course there are Nagash’s undead legions, including Mortarchs, Morghasts, and Spirit Hosts.

A Nagash book ($85, or $165 for the deluxe) is actually a two-volume set—one a 296 page narrative, the other a 96 page collection of rules and scenarios. New rules for The End Times allow armies to field 50 percent more Lords and provide wizards, mages, and sorcerers with access to The Lore of Undeath for their spells.

Kickstarter Preview—King Down

Many people are already familiar with designer Saar Shai after his 2 amazing successful runs on Kickstarter with The Agents. Now he’s posted a new project for King Down, a sort of expanded Chess with interesting characters, spells, and more.

I’ve had a chance to play an early version of the game using the rules, the game’s cards, and my own chess set. The game is already pretty tight, quick, and highly entertaining. It’s both immediately familiar, yet fresh and new feeling at the same time. I can only imagine how the experience will be compounded by the addition of the pieces I’m seeing on the Kickstarter page.

King Down is already funded, and was so almost as soon as it was launched. A$65 pledge guarantees you a copy of the game, and from the looks of things that price is a good one for what you’re going to get.

I’m looking forward to playing a finished version of the game for a more official “Second Look”, but I can assure you this one, just like The Agents, is going to be a winner.


Imperial Stars II

Imperial Stars IIImperial Stars II ($27 boxed from Victory Point Games) is a two-player war game of clashing space empires. The game has exploration, resource management, and a 1 hour play-time, but also hexes, square unit counters, and combat results tables. A player’s goal is to conquer the opponent’s home world, or finish the last turn with the most planets and colonies.

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