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With beautiful posters for Timeline and Takenoko, how I could I just pass by Asmodee‘s booth? I couldn’t, and I was well rewarded with a slew of new games to check out, and even a chance to try my hand at Timeline.

River Dragons: A family game where players are trying to build bridges using planks of wood to cross a river. The trick is that you can’t touch other players’ bridges. Oh yeah, there’s also dragons to worry about. 2-6 players, ages 8+.

Cardline Animals: Try to place animals in the line by either weight, age span, or size in this variable logic and memory game. Place all your cards down first to win. Educational, and very simple to teach and play. The game has beautiful art, and comes in a pretty slick tin. 2-8 players, ages 7+.

Takenoko: Grow bamboo to care for the royal pandas. The game features a modular board, and some stunning artwork. Players compete to complete 7-9 objectives (depending on number of players), and then add their score up to determine the victor at the end. 2-4 players, ages 13+.

Timeline: This fun little card game comes in 4 different sets that can all be combined into one: Inventions, Historical Events, Discoveries, and Diversity. In the game you’re trying to place down your cards into the timeline in their correct locations. Place a card in a wrong spot and you’re forced to draw another. First player to be rid of their hand first wins. 2-8 players, ages 8+.

Kemet: Battle it out in Ancient Egypt! A territory control came in a mythological Ancient Egypt. Take control of gods and armies to take control of choice areas. This game just oozes theme, and is a wonderful overall package. 2-5 players, ages 13+.

Room 25: A sci-fi reality show where the players are trapped in a futuristic prison. The first person to find the exit, Room 25, wins the game. Along the way the rooms can shift, and various traps can be run into. Can be played solo, cooperatively, or competitively. 1-6 players, ages 8+.

P.I.: An interesting twist on investigation type games. Each player must solve a case that the person to their right is orchestrating. Set in the 50’s, the game has a very noir feel to it. Solve the cases before other detectives, and don’t be wrong in your deductions! 2-5 players, ages 13+.

Lady Alice: Another deduction game, but this one completely different. Players must determine the time, place, and the culprit of a kidnapping. The piece that makes this game interesting is that each player has evidence tokens to use. They can use these tokens during their investigation to earn extra points once the mystery has been solved. This means that the person who solves the mystery may lose out to the one who did all the leg work. 3-5 players, ages 8+.

Gentleman Thieves: The box is also the game board in this game about high profile burglary. Make deals and gain the most loot to be victorious. 2-5 players, ages 8+.