Pledge Your BetsPledge Your Bets is a just-launched gamification platform for charitable giving. Website users register their preferred charities and then place bets on various events, like sports games or entertainment awards. Odds for each event are constantly adjusted as the event draws closer and more people add their pledges. Then when a result is declared, the wagers of the losers are paid to the chosen charities of the winners.

Charities have long struggled with the task of keeping small donors engaged to provide a more consistent source of funding… Unfortunately, donors also have a short attention span and often this engagement wanes as the images or events that spurned it fade from view… Donors make pledges and play games to raise more donations for their favorite charity. Not only does the donor get the satisfaction of helping a good cause, but they also enjoy the fun of playing games and possibly raising even more for their charity than they themselves donated.

[via 83degrees]

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