Footprints from sggc Signature Games is an ecology-themed trivia game, nearly identical to Trivial Pursuit. Unfortunately, the “nearly” part is not nearly enough.

The twist is that if you land on a black square, you pick a black card and gain that many carbon footprints, and if you land on a white square, you pick a white card and lose that many carbon footprints. No skill involved as to how many you gain or lose. Educational?

It gets more confused at the game ending:

The winner of the game is the player who makes it to earth first, has answered all category questions, collecting all tokens and has the least number of Carbon Footprints.

If the first person has no Carbon Footprints, the game is over. If the player has Carbon Footprints, the game continues until the next player makes it to earth with no carbon footprints. If all players have carbon footprints, the player with the least number of Carbon Footprints wins the game.

If you take some time, you can figure out what they meant, rather than what they wrote.