We focus on the games, of course. But the best thing about a convention is actually the people. And isn’t that why we love tabletop games—for the social experience. It’s certainly why here at Purple Pawn we’re happy to cover all types of games. Because the one thing they all have in common is the shared experience of the people sitting around the table.

So on that note, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Daniel Perez and Itamar Weisberg for a great dinner Friday night; Brian, Chris, and Dave for inviting a stranger to board games Saturday night; Leonard Balsera for a rollicking demo of Spirit of the Century; Darcy Burgess for a personal introduction to story games; Will for letting me sit in and then bug out on Battlelore; Don Dehm and Ryan Macklin for welcoming me to the community of gamer press; and the guys from Canada for the best game I’ve ever played where we didn’t know the rules and refused to stop playing when the game was over.

I hope to see you all again next year!