Gamers for Humanity organizes drives to collect board and card games, as well as food items, to donate to shelters and crisis houses. They have a drive going on in Iowa City right now. (source)

Toys for Tots, organized by the US Marines, delivers toys in communities around the country.

Toys of Hope is a Long Island program accepting toy donations.

Child’s Play Charity donates electronic games to hospitals.

Charity Gamers raises money to donate to medical research.

The ESA Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the software entertainment industry.

Mattel has a donation program. Hasbro has a donation program.

Free Rice and Free Flour are online games that donate food to the poor as you play.

Saved Games collects old video games, auctions them, and donates the proceeds to children’s charities.

Gamers Outreach uses video games in education and hospitals.

Artists Helping Children donates arts and craft supplies, and, among their many ideas as to what to do with these supplies, they give instructions as to how to make numerous games.

Also, many local community services, such as fire houses, community centers, libraries, and even McDonald’s, organize toy and game drives. And don’t forget the Salvation Army.