kobold-qFar be it from me to suggest that the internet won’t do as a source of gaming info. Yet even so, I would agree that there’s something uniquely simple and pleasant about holding a print magazine in your hands, reading it in bed (or that other room in your house), and recklessly stuffing it into your pocket or briefcase. And in terms of gaming magazines, Kobold Quarterly is absolutely top notch.

In case you’re not familiar with it, Kobold Quarterly is edited and published by Wolfgang Baur and focuses on Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying, including 3.5, Paizo’s Pathfinder, and 4th Edition. Regular features include “Ecology Of…” monster articles and an “Ask the Kobold” advice column. Interspersed with interviews, optional rules, inspiring art, setting material, and product reviews, the magazine is at once both familiar and current.

Soon to be published issue number 10 continues to build on this successful formula. I had an opportunity this week to read a prepress copy and found some wonderful stuff. In particular I enjoyed the new Wicked Fantasy series, which launched this issue with a twisted take on Halflings. On the surface, Haffuns are just like you’d expect—short, subservient, and adept at slight-of-hand. The race’s mysterious origins, though, hide a darker secret. Many have infiltrated diplomatic circles and royal courts, while those known as Wipla reject polite society in favor of adventure and the Yffur are pint-sized ruthless street gangs. Other articles I enjoyed were one on the history and advantages of the halberd, a background piece on gelatinous cubes (including a how-to on care and breeding), and a selection of 4E skill challenges fit for dungeon adventures.

The only thing missing is Finieous Fingers.