cmon44_1CoolMiniOrNot is offering a limited run of the Anima Tacitcs model, Kain D’Lacreu.  Only 250 will initially be available through CoolMiniOrNot’s store, so grab them now while you can.

I’m guessing the model is unpainted, as the picture shows, but it’s not specified.

For those who aren’t familiar with Anima Tactics, it’s a fantasy miniature skirmish game put out by Fantasy Flight Games.

I’ve always been interested in the Anima products, mostly because of the amazing art.  Some of the Anima stuff is a little too…adult for my liking, though.  Wouldn’t fly in my household.

EDIT 10/12/2009: When first writing this, the number of minis available was 100.  When I was just about to post, the number available was 250.  Now it seems they’ve updated the number again to 300, so I’m not exactly sure how “limited” this miniature will be.