To celebrate the 36th birthday of Dungeons & Dragons, the d20 Source blog is giving away 3rd Edition PDF supplements.

The Most Unread Blog on the Internet. Ever. (that’s its name, not my assessment) is giving away one electronic copy of The Inquisitor’s Handbook for FFG’s Dark Heresy.

QuikLink Interactive’s Traveller license is about to expire, so it’s inventory clearance sale time (figuratively speaking). All 25 T20 (d20 Traveller) electronic products are on sale for a bundled price of $35.

Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog products for Mongoose Traveller are also on sale.

Highmoon Games is bundling all the One Bad Egg D&D 4E products for 32% off.

And a couple of board game sales…

25% off at ThinkFun. Use the code “BACK2SCHOOL” at check-out.

Several games at Winning Moves for $10, including Conquest of Pangea and Terra Nova. King of the Hill and Play on Words for $5.