First the sales…

Geek Chic is running a virtual tent sale for orphaned orders, factory seconds, and show pieces. You can get their amazing furniture at significantly reduced prices. Unfortunately, the company is too busy to post the list of available pieces on the web site and I don’t have room for it here. If you’re interested, I suggest emailing them.

Mongoose is unloading out-of-print items from the warehouse at reduced prices, including RPG books and miniatures.

War games are on sale at GMT.

Also for the war gamers, the C4 Corner Cutter is on sale through Labor Day.

Now, the giveaways…

The NewbieDM blog is giving away a copy of the Red Box Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set. Standard comment-or-tweet requirements.

Myriad Games is giving away games to Facebook fans every Friday.

North Star Games is also giving away games on Facebook, monthly for meeple photo submissions.

Big Daddy’s Creations is running a contest for Neuroshima Hex on the iPhone/iPad. Ten people who solve the puzzle will get promotional codes for free downloads.

Aspiring game designer, Michael R. Keller, wants a logo for his venture, Visible Hand Games. He’ll give one prototype game now and one published game later to a selected designer.

Thomas McDonald’s State of Play blog has Bicycle Poker Playing Cards and Dice to give away.

Cincinnati Coupons is giving away Education Outdoors’ Camp Board Game Travel Edition and S’mores Card Game. Every method of following is another entry.