The online Bakugan Dimensions game is running an open tournament where the top prize will be a Dragonoid Colossus Bakugan, as well as a Clear Chance Dragonoid in-game.

Pelgrane Press PDFs at Paizo are 15% off.

Osprey, publisher of military history books beloved by wargamers, is having a 50% off summer sale.

For the next 5 weeks, Wendy’s is including a Patch Products game in every kid’s meal.

The Quirky Fusion blog is giving away a Gamewright game. Each method of following earns another entry in the contest. Winner gets to choose the game prize.

As a grand opening special, new online retailer Gamethonic (operated by the Paper Money podcast’s Ben Clark) is discounting all games 30%. In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th, pirate-themed games are 40% off.

This coming Friday (the 17th) through Wednesday the 22nd, DriveThruRPG is also celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day, with sale prices on pirate-themed stuff and 20 hidden virtual treasure chests containing free ebooks.

Troll & Toad is giving away a set of Chessex red Vortex dice on the company’s Facebook page.

Tell Griddly Games which expansion you’re most interested in for Wise Alec and have a chance to win a free game.

The Giant Fire Breathing Robot blog is giving away a copy of Steve Jackson Games’ Zombie Dice. Move quickly, the deadline for entries is 8:00 PM Pacific Time.

For the next month, Gaming Paper will be including a free D&D miniature with every order. For a chance to win two cases of D&D miniatures, post a specific status update to Twitter or Facebook.