I’m skipping the electronic poker tables, slot machines, and a cup designed to hold poker chips.

System and method for playing a team gaming tournament – Team poker, with a method for calculating a total score based on how many players are on the team and when they were eliminated.

Board game with tower and collapsing stairs – Hasbro’s Indiana Jones Akator Temple Race Game.

Dice game for wagering – A craps game with 2d20 from Listerik Products. Not, apparently, the Dice Roller V game advertised on their web site.

Method for playing Keno with increased player interest – Some kind of progressive keno game.

Method for representing a game as a unique number – While not a board or card game patent, the idea of representing a variable state as a number would appear to have lots of prior art. Their method is called “WaysToPlace”.

Method and device for conducting a game displaying symbols in a geometric arrangement – Poker game where the cards are arranged in a pyramid.

Playing card game accessories kit – As follows:

This patent discloses a playing card game accessories kit. The kit may include a playing card handler, a gunfighter figurine, a card deck, an advanced card deck, a card cover, chips, and a game card rules book that may provide instructions on how to play continuous draw poker. The playing card handler may include a housing, a controls areas supported by the housing, a distribution area supported by the housing and positioned adjacent to the controls area, and electrical components such as a memory and processor. The controls area may include a two screen monitor and control keys. The distribution area may include a distribution area divided into a deck tray and a card tray. Arranged rollers may pass cards between the deck tray and card tray. A bridge having a mode screen may divide the deck tray and a card tray.

Or it may not. I’m just saying.

Roulette board and method for controlling the same – An enclosed roulette wheel:

The patent talks about “medals”, by which they mean tokens, I believe.

Multi-stage multi-bet dice game, gaming device, and method – A big fat patent, mostly about slots, but also with some card game and Bunco variantions.

Baseball game – By Casey Connaway. I’m afraid that I must quote the summary of the patent’s desirability in full:

The Game will present a new reason to purchase baseball cards, for they will no longer just sit and collect. This game will have a dramatic and permanent effect on the world of baseball card collecting, just like the immensely popular games “Pokemon” and “Magic” did for their respective markets.

The Game has built-in longevity. First, baseball cards will finally have an actual value and purpose, and that improvement in the market will never reverse itself; there will be the days of card collecting before The Game, and the days of card collecting after The Game. Secondly, baseball will never go out of style. New generations only get bigger, and baseball gains new fans every year. Finally, because baseball rosters change each year, The Game will always need to be updated, giving it an eternal shelf life.

The Game will also be able to capitalize on the poker boom. The Game is very much like Texas Hold-Em for baseball cards. You and your opponent each have your own hand, or team, and the Playing Deck in the middle controls the action. Because The Game is played with the Playing Deck and not the rolling of a di (like “MLB Showdown”), there are only four of each card available in the deck (like poker). This creates a game where you know certain numbers are coming or already burned, rather than a random roll of the di for each outcome. This dramatically affects the fun of playing The Game. In contrast to video games, you cannot control the outcome, you can only guide and manage your team, which, like poker, leads to unbelievable excitement as the action is often out of your control.

The Game will give a depressed market a dynamic reason to be active, and active like never before. The Game will be how the world views baseball cards going forward. There will be no reason to buy cards that don’t play, as those who buy The Game cards will be able to see the actual value and worth of the card before them, in addition to being able to actually play baseball with them. With The Game, fathers and sons will be able to play baseball in the backseat of a car on a long road trip; grandfathers and grandsons will be able to play baseball on the back porch of on a hot summer day; Major League ball-players will be able to play `cards` in the clubhouse, or on a team flight; children all over the world can learn how to manage a team by buying and playing The Game. The Game is good for baseball, good for baseball cards, good for the consumer, and good for the producer. It is time to welcome the world to the new age of baseball card collecting. It is time for The Game.

“The Game” plays, in fact, more like Top Deck than like poker.

Strategic pattern building board game with ejecting feature – A new version of Hasbro’s Connect Four, where pieces can drop out of the columns during play. Hasbro doesn’t name the game in the patent; does this game already exist?

Dice poker game – Yacht (Yahtzee) with a poker element.

Bingo prize mapping system with prize promotion – A Bingo game system where additional prizes are awarded, not simply based on the standard game results.

Electronic dart football game – “An electronic dart game allowing players to control and more closely simulate the offensive and defensive strategies of a game of football when compared to other dart games with a football theme.”

Board game – A board game called “Crossfire”, unrelated to the well-known game of that name. A card-drawing abstract race game for two players.

Two more patents that I missed last month:

Draw vs. stud 3-card casino poker game – Some variation of three-card poker.

Set of domino tiles – A design patent: