Atamaii is holding a 30% off sale on various toys and games, including Bakugan.

The ZeroFortitude Podcast is giving away a copy of the Hellas RPG.

Use the coupon code “holidaze” for 50% off online orders of many (but not all) Kenzer & Company products.

At Paizo, the code “holiday11” will get you 10% off one order. 4 Winds Publishing’s products already start at 20% off.

Cubicle 7 is running a New Years sale with 10-50% off.

The Dice Hate Me blog is giving away limited edition Space Crane alien tech cards for Alien Frontiers.

A complete set of Unbound cards for the Dungeon Crawler CCG, plus a play mat, loot bag, and promo card, are available for the bundled price of $150. But first you’d have to request an invoice. (Seriously!?!)

And the big one…

Wizards of the Coast is running a contest for a walk-on role in a new Dungeons & Dragons movie. Entries require a subscription to D&D Insider. Use the online Character Builder to create an evil or mercenary spell-caster and you might have the opportunity to play that character in the film.