Amazon is bundling the base Dominion game with two of the expansions, Alchemy and Prosperity, for $79.76 (a 36% discount). Also included are the two promo card sets, Envoy and Black Market, that were previously BoardGameGeek exclusives.

Also at Amazon, Qwirkle is on sale for $16.95, a 52% discount.

Many Osprey military history books are available at 50% off through the end of January.

Funagain Games is lowering the minimum order for free shipping to $50 for the month of January.

Hasbro has some kind of offer for those who “like” their Family Game Night Facebook page. If you do it, let us know what it is in the comments.

DriveThruRPG wants to encourage people to try new games. To that end, the company has listed a number of core rule books on sale at $11, including CthulhuTech, Shadowrun, Fantasy Craft, Legends of Anglerre, and Laundry.

Wastex Games is running a Monster Mash Mania contest. You provide a short story involving multiple D&D monsters. They provide prizes in the form of Dungeon Tiles Master Sets, The Wilderness and The City.