The Simba Dickie Group is a toy company with several toy and game properties, including Simba, Dickie, Majorette, Big, Smoby, Eichhorn, Noris, NicoToy, Carson, Schipper, Tamiya, Zoch, Solido, and Schuco; Zoch and Noris are the only ones that focus on games. In 2010, SDG sold over 570 million EUR and had around 3,700 employees worldwide. (source)

Some new game items from these guys include:


  • Auf Die Birne: Cards are flipped up, and you have to speedily remember how many of a certain type when a harvest card is flipped.
  • ArscheBomb: A pool diving game when you physically drop the cards onto the table (the pool) trying to cannonball the other players, among other goals.
  • Avanti: You play the guy trying to keep the facilities in order at a rock concert/sports event, including making sure there is food and clean restrooms.
  • Crossboule: Boules with beanbags.
  • Da ist der Wurm drin: Hidden movement with dice, as your worm burrows in the garden and you have to keep it out of sight and guess where the other worms will come up.
  • Fifty Fifty: Some kind of set collection card game.
  • Geistesblitz: A speed game of grabbing the figure that matches the flipped up card.
  • Husch Husch kleine Hexe: A memory game for small children.
  • Maxi Bambolio: A balancing dexterity game with blocks.
  • Mille Grazie: Hidden movement of thieves vs merchants.
  • Mord im Arosa: A deduction game in three dimensions. You have to hear the clues.
  • Pig 10: Play stacks of cards; if you reach exactly 10, you get points. If you go over you give points.
  • Safranito: A coin tossing strategy game (part dexterity) about spices.
  • Zicke Zacke: A Chicken Cha Cha game.


The catalog is in German, only; you can guess how some games work from their pictures. These are the names of new games:

  • Charade
  • Imago
  • Lexikon
  • Yes & No
  • Ententeich
  • Wamboo
  • Kugelblitz
  • Das Grosse Familien-Quiz, Das Familien Quiz, Das Quiz
  • Eva’s Welt
  • Zitter Partie
  • Pustekugel
  • Captain Jack’s Gold
  • Schatzinsel Ahoi
  • Power Tower
  • Schneck Schneck
  • Wettlauf im Zauberwald
  • Das Winterspiel
  • Mopse Mopsen
  • Linie 1