In memory of H.P. Lovecraft, who’s birthday was Saturday the 20th, DriveThruRPG is running a sale on select Cthulhu mythos titles.

The Board Game Reviews by Josh blog is trying to drum up followers by giving away games. The list includes Puerto Rico, Dominion, Nightfall, Munchkin, Talisman, and others.

On Amazon, get 25% off two International Playthings games.

John Poniske, the designer of MMP’s upcoming Lincoln’s War, will be giving away a copy of the game to the person who proposes the most advantageous strategy for a game turn.

The Angry DM is giving away D&D Neverwinter Fortune Cards to someone who can solve the puzzle that his players couldn’t.

Troll Lord Games is offering a Castles & Crusades hardcover combo deal. For $20 plus shipping, you can get the Players Handbook and Monsters and Treasure books, and the Shadows of the Halfling Hall adventure module.

At receive one free game (less than $10 value and their choice) with the purchase of select games priced at $14.99 or more.

Celebrating 20 years of publication, Reality Cheque is selling Tales From The Floating Vagabond for 50% off at DriveThruRPG.

The Yog-Sothoth podcast is also celebrating Lovecraft’s birthday with a postcard scenario competition. Prizes are being provided by Pelgrane Press.

For a caption contest, Obsidian Portal’s prizes include t-shirts and Ascendant memberships.