Columbia Games is making a try-before-buying offer for three of its games, Hammer of the Scots, Julius Caeser, and Richard III. Pay only 99¢ up front, shipping included. Return the game within 30 days for no additional charge, or keep it and your credit card will be charged the remaining portion of the game’s price.

Orders in August over $50 at will get a free random RPG book from the company’s overstock warehouse.

Mongoose is unloading its RuneQuest II books for $19.99/£9.99 each, even the hardback and leather-bound ones. The company lost the license for RuneQuest but will be replacing it with a compatible game called “Legends” in October.

The Woven by Words blog is giving away a DaGeDar racing/collectible marbles game set.

Dungeonstone Terrain (which is compatible with Dwarven Forge Models) is offering $5 off orders of $25 or more in August. Use coupon code “AUG500”.