Maybe you’re still looking for a gift or something to liven up a holiday party. If so, I recommend Faux•Cabulary from Out of the Box Publishing. This is not a game of deep thinking. It’s a game of silly made-up words in answer to off-wall-questions.

A mindless job that requires wearing a tight uniform. BUSH-OOKIE-BABE.

The game consists of a set of cards with questions (or perhaps more accurately, definitions), 21 large cubes with word fragments on each side, and plastic shields for players to cover their cubes. Each turn, one person reads out a definition and the other players, each with three cubes, attempt to construct a fitting word out of the fragments available to them.

A garlic-scented air freshener. BIO-FUNK-ARY.

The players then hide their words under the shields, turn them over to the reader (now judge), and the judge picks his or her favorite. The person who’s word was picked earns a point. First person to a set number of points wins.

That’s it. It works. It’s fun.

OK, not every word will be laugh-out-loud hilarious, but usually they’re worth at least a giggle. The game also accommodates seven players, and more people means more silly words means more fun.

A copy of FauxCabulary was provided by Out of the Box Publishing for this review.