Stronghold’s upcoming releases include a couple of light card games, two expansions for Revolver, and a Euro-style strategy game.

Both of the card games will be packaged in small tins. In Crazy Creatures of Dr. Gloom, a player’s goal is to get rid of his cards by playing number sequences. At the end of each round, cards left in-hand are penalty points and the player with the lowest number of penalty points wins the game. Little Devils is a trick-taking card game, where taking tricks is bad.

The two expansions for Revolver are Ambush on Gunshot Trail and Hunt the Man Down. The former gives the Colonel McReady player ambush cards and the Jack Colty player two additional bandits. The latter introduces a prison battlefield and special jailbreak gameplay.

Milestones is a worker-acquisition and road-building game. Each player builds an individual rondell with workers that provide particular goods. Then with the goods (stone, wood, sand, and grain), a player can build roads, markets, and houses to settle the wilderness. Over the course of the game, though, a player is also regularly required to retire workers.