While Visible Hand Game’s City Hall hit the top 20 hot games at BoardGameGeek Con this weekend, it’s Kickstarter project still has a way to go to achieve its funding goal. The game is about political maneuvering and neighborhood development in the 1933 race for Mayor in New York City.

Hot Projects

Dice Rings is a game accessory Kickstarter project that aims to produce steel rings (the on-your-finger kind) as a substitute for dice. Each ring will have a numbered metal band that spins. With 33 days still to go, Dice Rings has already raised nearly $138,000—6 times its goal. For $15 or more, you too can join in and wear your geek cred on your finger.

Another accessory project—ending very soon—is The Official Settlers of Catan Gaming Board. This one is for producing a board that securely holds Settlers of Catan tiles in place during the game. Boards will be produced for 3-4 and 5-6 player setups, for Seafarers of Catan, and in plastic, walnut, beech, and aluminum. Expect the project to close with around $335,000 in funding from nearly 5,000 backers.

Storm the Castle is a semi-cooperative fantasy board game where each player commands one of the evil armies and the winner is the first one to breach Castle Storm Haven’s walls. So far, backers have contributed $72,000 to this project.

Other Interesting Projects

Starlit Citadel, a Purple Pawn advertiser, sponsors a series of game review videos. They’re planning 26 for the next year but are asking for your support to produce another 16.

With the Clydesdale-class Transport project Ryan Wolfe looks to start making full-sized poster maps out of his Future Armada line of spaceship deckplans.

After 10 years of work, Will Fincher is asking for backers to help him fund final production of his choose-your-own-adventure game book, Maelorum. The book represents the first in a series of dark fantasy adventures, where the reader has a choice of characters, each with his own subplot and story-line.

Hellfrost: Land of Fire is to be an Arabian Nights-style expansion to Triple Ace Games’ fantasy campaign setting for the Savage Worlds RPG. On Kickstarter the company is asking for £9,500 to add artwork to the manuscript and to print it.

In 2010, Martin Wallace’s Treefrog Games published a monsters-ravage-Earth-and-humans-fight-back game—really—called Moongha Invaders. Now he’s using Kickstarter to raise the funds necessary to produce a second edition with much-improved art and plastic miniatures. The full title of the game is Moongha Invaders: Mad Scientists and Atomic Monsters Attack the Earth.

Forest Keeper, on Indiegogo, is a roleplaying game with an environmentalist agenda. In it, the players are eagles, rats, and marmots defending The Great Wood from humans’ Wicked Fire.

On Ulule, Ludopathes is raising funds to translate Ars Magica 5th Edition in to French.