Norwegian grandmaster Magnus Carlsen was awarded the Chess Oscar for 2011 by Russian magazine, 64. The Chess Oscar is given for peer recognition as the best player in the world. This is Magnus Carlsen’s third year in a row winning the award.

The ability of Chess tournaments to secure corporate sponsorship is being affected by cheating scandals. At one recent German event, a grandmaster was disqualified for consulting a Chess program on his cell phone while visiting the restroom during a game.

FIDE is launching a drug testing pilot-program and has informed Magnus Carlsen, the Chess Oscar winner, that he will be among the first tested. In an interview, Mr. Carlsen said he would cooperate but expressed greater concern for cheating with smartphones and computers.

A special grave diggers Chess tournament was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. 160 grave diggers from 46 public cemeteries participated. The winning team took home a prize of Rp 10 million (US$1,038).

In recognition of All Souls Day, Sun.Star provided a guide to burial sites of world Chess champions.