dragon-master-collection_largeStarting in March, Wizards of the Coast will be launching organized play and competitive tournaments for Kaijudo. These new events are lined up to coincide with the latest Kaijudo set, Dragonstrike Infernus.

Kaijudo Set Premieres will be starting March 16th, and will happen the first Saturday after every major Kaijudo release. Players can participate in activities to earn promo cards.

Kaijudo Duel Days will start on April 5th and allow players to compete to earn points and see their ranking against other Kaijudo players. Kaijudo Master Challengestart on May 3rd, and are similar, but have greater rewards for more competitive players.

The Kaijudo Championship will take place in the Summer of this year in Seattle, WA, where 48 of the best Kaijudo players will complete to see who’s the best of the best.