Myths of the Far FutureMyths of the Far Future is EN Publishing’s space-opera version of Dungeons & Dragons. The previously published Player’s Guide is now joined by the Campaign Guide, providing players with science-fictions translations of classes, races, skills, feats, gear, and monsters. The philosophy behind the game is to make as few changes as possible; simply reinterpreting existing elements to the new genre. For example, magic potions become medicine, the dungeoneering skill is replaced with engineering, and nonhuman races are referred to as aliens.

The two books also introduce a default campaign setting, which is based on the Santiago novels of Mike Resnick. In a soon to be released adventure path (individual modules available by subscription), the player characters are interstellar bounty hunters in pursuit of the arch-criminal known as Santiago.

Also to be released in the near future is a Myths of the Far Future version for the Pathfinder RPG.